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My Silver MB2 Thread


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Hi guys, thought I may as well make a thread for my little MB2 seeing as I'm here!

Backstory - The car has been in the family from new. It belonged to my Great-Grandad to start with who then gave it to his son in law (my Grandad) who passed the car on to me in 2016 shortly before he passed away. I've only had my test passed for the last 14 months and so this is my first car! Therefore I'm trying to look after it the best I can and because there's so much that can be done modding wise, especially with it being the base model, it gives a lot of options. The car really hasn't done much mileage at all. I got the car on 80,000 and only sitting at just under 84,000 now. It's pretty standard, still on original steel wheels & ride height, got its fair share of scratches and slight dents but it shines up pretty well. 
The car has been reliable as hell for as long as I remember, so I'm going to just keep it going for as long as possible. I've really fallen in love with these MB Civic's and always had an admiration for Honda/older Civic's before this. 
In my ownership it has had the following repairs/slight mods with a lot more planned!
- New standard exhaust back box because it completely blew through a couple months into driving it.
- Full service in January this year, coolant etc last replaced in 2015 but low miles like I said
- New Pioneer radio/CD player (went for CD not Bluetooth.. Yes I'm old fashioned!) 
- New wipers all round
- New number plates
- Original floor mats 
- VTI front lip (first thing I've ever sprayed up myself)
- De-Chromed front grille (Vinyl wrapped)
- Colour matched wing mirrors & door handles (One electric mirror wasn't working so took the chance to get rid of the black plastic all round) 
- VTI Carbon dash trim & gear stick surround
- VTI Gear knob
- VTI door tweeters (not wired in yet, got replacement door looms but can't unplug main connection so will have to cut into wires) 
- Wind deflectors
- OEM mud guards/flaps fitted 
In the coming weeks/months things I should have done include front fog lights and something I've only seen one or two guys do, a Rover 45/MGZS boot lip spoiler. I'm just going to 3M tape this on once painted silver, because I also have a spoiler from a 1.4 sport that I need to finish painting and eventually get on. And I'm not really sure about having 2 spoilers haha! Also after a set of alloys, even the original 4x100 MB ones will do. Wouldn't mind getting a rear ARB on too eventually but need to mod/change lower control arms for that so it's a bigger job for down the line. Going to scrub away some rust and stone chip or underseal underneath & wheel arches in time for winter too. Seen some de-chromed headlights again recently and very tempted to buy some and do this myself! 
Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome & I'm glad to be on here! 
First couple pics are standard, last pic is how it looks now and one to show the test fit of the boot lip.


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I'll get a new pic uploaded soon, it looks so much better with full colour matched handles/mirrors. I think it really looks a bit more upmarket etc - less cheap looking maybe? 


Spent last night vinyl wrapping some front fog light surrounds that I bought to replace the blanking plates when I get the lights installed. They were stonechipped and faded and it's totally bringing them back to life! 


Anybody still active on here who's put fogs on an mb2/3/4 without them? I'm currently waiting on some eBay ones to come back in stock. :-|

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I did on my old MA8 civic, but it was OEM ones. I bought the oem wiring harness that goes from the fogs to the inner wing and the one that goes up inside the dash and replaces one that is already there that goes to standard fog light switch. Replaced the switch with the double fog light one. Also fitted the relay to the fuse box etc. Was a pain in the butt to do but resulted in a nice oem install. If your fiting aftermarket ones, it should be a lot easier! Less wiring to do, although youll need to fit a switch for them. Does look nicer with the fogs fitted though!

Agree mate, the little colour coding seems to make them feel more modern and more up market. Looking forward to the pics 8-)

And nice to see a car that has sentimental reasons for keeping too. Im the same with the aerodeck, belonged to my late wife who really looked after it and loved the car. Can never part with it as so many memories tied up in it, and love it as much as she did now.

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Yeah I wanted front fogs to be one of the first mods I did but using original wiring looked really hard so I went off the idea. Some good info there though! First time I've ever seen somebody say how exactly to do it. Not to mention OEM fogs, brackets and wiring are almost impossible to come by now though.. Came across an old post here about somebody who wired aftermarket ones in a fairly simple way but by using the original switch, getting the switch and wiring from another car and connecting the existing rear ones and then the front one you've added. Sounds like it should work..? 


Thanks for for the comments Dave, yeah every time I'm doing anything on the car/looking after it I am also thinking in the back of my mind it's good that the car's been in the family for 18 years, so it's nice to keep that going! Your Aerodeck is a beauty yeah and what a great story behind it. 


Thanks Chandler, I think it looks better too, more higher-spec than what it actually is! :-D Combined with the carbon effect interior and no more fake wood, that was a must have mod. A lot more modern. As for it being clean, has a slight dent on Nearside wing with some paint flaking & rusting, some damaged spots on front bumper & a big load of scratches on bonnet where a garage door scraped it :( Just don't want to fix that myself as it would be patchy aha



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If you need the double foglight switch I have plenty in stock here mate. Don't have the wiring though, which you'll need as the plugs for single/double switches are different size/shape. It is easy getting the OEM fogs wired in though, so be a nice mod on the car.


Looking forward to following this one 8-)

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Thanks for the offer Dave, I do have a double fog light switch but it's a bit worn so may take you up on that if no luck. :) struggling to find the plug & wiring for the back of it as well as a set of clear lense fog lights but I'll keep looking. 


Thanks dr_broon, looking forward to seeing what the coming months and years bring :) 


Just been planning a load of engine bay dress up stuff as well. Going to go for mainly red I think. Got some blue Spoon socks coming (cheap & cheerful to decide if I like & can't find many red ones) Oil/radiator caps, battery clamp, heat proof paint for the rocker cover writing etc. Eventually I'll take the rocker cover off as well as the exhaust heat shield and give them both a respray. 


My radiator clamp/bracket is badly rusted/flaking though, anybody know where you can get a replacement for the MB's? They look different to most other Civic's but could be wrong?

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On 7/16/2018 at 2:05 PM, AJCivic said:

My radiator clamp/bracket is badly rusted/flaking though, anybody know where you can get a replacement for the MB's? They look different to most other Civic's but could be wrong?

You can get nice anodized aftermarket ones mate in a variety of colours. I replaced the ones on the aerodeck (check the link in my sig ;-) ) with blue anodized, same with all the fender bolts/washers. Cleans up the bay nicely.Do a search on ebay or google for passowrd jdm radiator stay brackets and fender bolts.

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