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Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

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Seeing as we can't go out cause of lockdown, and the weather is crap, thought I'd post a pic of Mindy from happier times! This has to be my new fav photo of Mindy! Taken on a photo shoot I did for another mk1 mx5 owner about a year and a half ago at the Forth Bridge just outside Edinburgh. Hope you like.

Mindy desktop1A.JPG

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thought I'd take a quick photo of the almost finished wheels (3 finished, 1 still to go into lacquer and 3 wheel caps to go into lacquer) Ignore the tyres as these are getting binned R

Another box arrived for Mindy today, again from MX5Parts! New brakes Looking at her current discs, the fronts look to be quite new, so will still change them but keep the old one

So, after much thought we decided we didn't like the tombstone seats we fitted. Only one thing for it then......... Buy these for Mindy! Nice 2 tone black/red leather seats from another

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She's pretty decent mate, looks better in the pics that she really is but I plan on a full respray at some point so she will eventually look as clean as the pics lol Miss driving it though!

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