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My 690bhp MB6.


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Thought you guys on here would like to see my MB6. Been putting it together for about the last year or so. 

Started off standard for a couple of weeks, then turbo'd at about 320bhp. 

Now fully built and running 500 at the wheels or about 570bhp fly.

Think that makes it the most powerful in the UK. :-P



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Wow!!!! That's impressive mate! Think Rich (civicturbo79) turbos mb6 was at around 340bhp, and DAVEMB2 has a K26 mb2 (NA) running around 370bhp. So that's a big figure you've got out of her! She also looks mint! Looking forward to more photos mate, really sweet mb6 that!

Ps: we've also opened a new club called Future classic cars, for modern classics. Would love to see your mb6 on there too!


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