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Not much to update really. I've actually now retired it for the winter I think. Be in the garage now.

Looking to sell the engine and turbo kit tho. 

But did donington last weekend. 

Great fun but was far too wet in the morning. Ended up in the gravel in the pouring rain. Blaming my tires was like an ice rink. Luckily only some very minor stone chips on the car could have been much worse.

It's much improved tho generally. Seats great. New wheels and tyres great in the dry later in the day.







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Found myself pottering in garage sorting my kit out. As always phone ends up coming out lol

Bit of a wash and hand polish today. Needs a machine polish really. But nice to give her some love. And finally.... Actually went for a little drive few miles the next village. Seems to go just f

After sitting so longRear brakes were in a bad way. I don't think they were in great shape when I baught it tbh. Pads rusted Into the carrier etc. Luckily the caliper piston and hardbrake arm are free

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Kudos to you for taking her on the track in the wet mate, I panic on a track in the dry in case someone crashes into me! Looking forward to the next part of the build, and whoever buys her current heart will be getting one hell of a motor! 8-)

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Yeah it was super sketchy, some of the other lads had decent wet tyres and were literally going at it flat out no bother!!

Had a few Interested parties in the engine setup but unfortunately being low balled so far. I won't let it go for peanuts it's cost me alot of dow to out together.

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