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Vti-s Turbo project


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5 hours ago, Mickg said:

Absolutely speachless !!!! In complete awe at your work and attention to detail, this needs put in a bubble and preserved forever :wub:

Thanks mate. It really ain't all that tho. I mean its clean for sure but it gets used and what not.

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On th Dyno today and mapped on the s300.

11 psi 344bhp. 


This is possibly the most expensive detune of all time. However the point was to run a smaller turbo and have more response. 

Feels good. Still quick.

And the turbos whistling away from 2k rpm. Sweet.


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28 minutes ago, burbleboy said:

Nice number mate! Not all about the figures but driving experience, as you pointed out ;) mega power for such a light car, compared to the modern beasts that weight a house

Yeah it's true mate. Happy, it feels good. And much easier to drive. As turbo more linear not just banging on hard with boost like the old one. 


Andbwill up the power next. Already on it. Building the original engine again.

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Still more than double the standard power chief friday.gif1


I bet that it does improve drivability (or frisking as my predictive text tried to say :lol:) - might be better on the track as well for lower speed corners? 


Sounds like there's some nice prezzies for the old engine on the way then? 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thaught put a little update on. Probably just put the civic away now for winter. Mot is about up and rather not get it all s**t up over winter.

One thing I really should have dealt with long ago is high coolant temps, turbo puts a lot of heat into the system. And grills blocked up with Intercooler.

finally did something about it.

Been fine dont get me wrong but when stuck in traffic mainly temperature would really creep up.

Decided to replace the ebay fan with a decent Spal fan and also try a 80 degree fan switch rather than 95 degree stock.

So far seems ideal.  The fan is fantastic quality. Much better. And can feel/hear the difference. Really moves some air. Temperatures much more acceptable now. Peaks around 90-92 degrees.





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