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New update comming soonecstatic.gif1! Picked up a nice exhaustmanifold, so I hope the engin picks up some power, or at least torque I hopeeyebrows.gif1..IMG-20201026-WA0058.jpeg.1bbc872f30739d53fb65521144d3e794.jpeg

Anyone any ideas on what I can do best? Put heatwrap on it, give it a (fancy) respray, or just leave it as it is?

Hoping to get it mounted soon!

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Soooo.. haven't posted for a really long time:shock:...


A LOT of things have changed on the 'Deck since last postecstatic.gif1!

I'll explain what has been done since last post, and I'm guessing this is gonna be a pretty long text..:P.


Since the last update (about the spoiler I fitted, if I'm correctshrug.gif1) much has changed on the red wagon. Especially things on the outside, and I've got a bit in trouble because of the first sports-exhaust I mountedangrymod.gif1.. I got pulled over, and had to follow an officer on motorcycle for a Decibel-test... and offcourse mine was way to loud.. It gave me a "wok-status", meaning I was not allowed to drive the car unless I turned the axhaust back to stock, and only on the day that I would go to an MOT-Station (to keep things understandable for you guys).

But that wasn't all..I also got ticket for having too much decibels.. and with a total of 459n euros the highest they were allowed to give..angrymod.gif1...

Now I have a Spoon-Style eindmuffler, wich I had to make longer to fit nicely in the reat bumper.

and as for the upgrades;

-Got myself a new coilover kit from the brand Maxpeedingrods, the set is ajustable in height but also on bump-stiffness. And I'm still really happy with it:-D.

-Don't know if I put it here too, but I've had my windows tinted from B-pilar to the back and wanted it blacked out, or in this case, maximum tinted, it only let's thru about 5% of light, so that's dark enough.

-One thing I got really happy with, was buying an original VTI-s front lip for the bumper, sanded it slightly and painted it black(used to be blue). Eventually painted it the same color as the body.

-Also painted both mirrors ons the outside, since one was black and fhe other one dark green:?:..

-And Since last friday (27th of August), I FINALLY got me some really nice shoes for the 'Deck8-)!!


Also did some (small) performance-mods, and still bussy with some too.

-Got a complete Cylinderhead of a D16z6 engine

-Bought a P28 ECU that already got a tune on it with 2step as well.

-Mounted a (better) intakemanifold of a D15b7 engine, including throttlebody and injectors, but will be replacing that for one of a D16z6 when I find one..

-And I got myself a nice intake-system, where the airfilter is mounted in my frontbumper, still need to make it more "rain-proof", but it already sits nice and dry.


I think this was enough for the chit/chat, here are some pics how my Aerodeck looks right now8-)!

(Not all images wanted to upload correctly, so I'll be posting some new ones soon!)



The D15b7 intake8-)





20210423_215809.jpg.19254fe6a9e61486809edd3bb5644646.jpgmirror respray bellow20210505_220702.thumb.jpg.c757b7f86b2beb2deb442930bf5a0c45.jpg20210506_174015.jpg.55d1031a4750cdb0ff24f19ff68a7bf3.jpgt


The nice stance she had since the new coilovers..



for those who don't follow me yet, here's my Instagram



did some photoshoots for fun!



fitting the new shoes on the 'Deckecstatic.gif1



Really LOVE it's stance now[smitten.gif]



and off course a little messing around with the 2stepblush.gif1

Edited by Dave
Edited to align text/photos
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1 hour ago, Dave said:

@TheRedAerodeck Edited the post to align the text/photos for you mate. 


She is looking totally amazing now, loving the new look with the suspension and wheels etc, all came together nicely. Great photo skills too!:cool:

About those photo's, those are the ones that I DID shot myself8-):grin:!

Really helps to have a phone with good camera-specsecstatic.gif1!

And thanks 4 the alignment with the photo's/text:mrgreen:!

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The upper photo was taken with my phone, the lower one was taken by a photographer, and also edited by him.

I was just trying to get the same effect with my phone, but that guy had a really good proffesional camera at hand, and ofcourse a lot of experience:P. But I like the same as well, especialy the one with edit, it looks like an official Honda photo to promote the MB model when it was just released:cool:.

Actualy it only misses the phrase "Honda, the power of dreams" above it:pmsl:..

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