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Patxi's '98 Civic MB3 Daily driven


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On 4/25/2021 at 8:38 PM, Patxi said:

If you have any doubts feel free to ask and I will try to help. I bought the screen before starting to know the exact size I wanted to design


Thank you mate, much appreciated 8-)

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Well, time to update this.


This week I took the car to the shop. At first I had only the rear arms bushings to replace, but there where also other 2 from the LCA's and another one in the front. Necesary maintance, car now doesnt make "old bed" noises.


After that I decided to change the OEM shifter for a K-tuned style one. Here's a pic of both.




The ball from the aftermarket shifter was bigger, so I ported the frame where this one goes.






And this is the result. The handling is really nice and shorter, I like it a lot




On Friday I went to the scrap, there was a new EG5 and I wanted to take some goodies, but they didnt allowed me, car was reserved for owners friend. So I checked a couple of MB's and I took only a tail light because mines it was glued... but the big surprise of the day was when a friend that works on a Honda dealer called me to gave me a present. A client left a MA9 to send to scrap and he took all the parts he could for me. Really happy with this, I replaced a lot of parts damaged from others in better shape.



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12 hours ago, dr_broon said:

Shifter looks good mate. Always nice to get new parts as well. 8-)


10 hours ago, rickybeau said:

Well done there mate, thanks for sharing!


Adios! :)


10 hours ago, dan1 said:

Looking good fella, thanks for including the shifter photos too, always helpful for getting ideas/reference!


A pleasure to give a bit of feedback guys.

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Todays repair: As I told some days ago, the crankshaft sensor wyre was a bit cuted and sometimes the check engine light went on, so I welded and end of my issue.



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Finally had time to go to test wheels. I taught 2 of them had different offset because MG TF it Mid engine and has bigger tyre size in the back but the 4 wheels are 15x6 ET28.

It looks really cool in the front but needs spacer in the back. Tomorrow I will make pics to show you.





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Well guys, bad news. Did you knew that the MG TF has a PCD so exclusive its the only car I've found it's 4*95,3 ?

Even the seller didnt knew it (or thats what he said) and after some days arguing, he finally is returning me the money and taking the wheels back.


I'm sad, because the wheels fitted but nuts loosen up really easy




Fortunely, a friend had some wheels for sale, they dont have de OEM look I was searching, but they were really cheap (100€) and not that bad looking. 15x7 ET35.



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