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  1. And cars in England are cheap comparing to here. You wouldnt buy a FN2 under 8000€ in Spain (except if its RHD imported)
  2. Finally had time to go to test wheels. I taught 2 of them had different offset because MG TF it Mid engine and has bigger tyre size in the back but the 4 wheels are 15x6 ET28. It looks really cool in the front but needs spacer in the back. Tomorrow I will make pics to show you.
  3. I could be interested but shiping and taxes will be really expensive
  4. Todays repair: As I told some days ago, the crankshaft sensor wyre was a bit cuted and sometimes the check engine light went on, so I welded and end of my issue.
  5. Well, time to update this. This week I took the car to the shop. At first I had only the rear arms bushings to replace, but there where also other 2 from the LCA's and another one in the front. Necesary maintance, car now doesnt make "old bed" noises. After that I decided to change the OEM shifter for a K-tuned style one. Here's a pic of both. The ball from the aftermarket shifter was bigger, so I ported the frame where this one goes. And this is the result. The handling is really nice and shorter, I like it a
  6. Dont forget the bolts that tight the shifter ball... mines were rusty and got out with all the nut, ended up cutting the plastic section and using another nut and bolt. Also, there are 2 sizes of balls in the shifters. Mines had the small one and bought the big ball shifter, so I ported the hole where this goes to resize and enters perfect. Shifts perfectly
  7. I tought all d-series had the same linkage. Soon I'm going to install a short shifter, I'll tell you if I have issues
  8. If you have any doubts feel free to ask and I will try to help. I bought the screen before starting to know the exact size I wanted to design Oh, and if someone knows where I can buy a VTi-S rear lip, send me a message
  9. Thanks for your words :) Yep, I have a love-hate relationship with this car, but it cost me soo cheap to maintain, confortable and it takes me a smile when I see Im capable to fix it so easily by miself... late 90's cars are like Legos. Love them. The screen I bought is from amazon (chinese) it has good response... in some cases freezes, but I think its my fault (I have attached a 16GB pendrive full, 2500 songs... and needs time to read ) I think I havent attached a very important pic. I was planing on installing steering wheel controls, I need to research for more info (the airbag
  10. Nice one that. I feel proud of what I've done. I'm IT, not mechanic, all I know is self learned reading in forums, watching in youtube...its really satisfiying, sometimes I think I enjoy more working on cars than driving them
  11. Thank you. Plans for this one are forged D series, respray in your color and reupholster the recaros in HKS look like
  12. It's that pirate black? What a beautiful color. That wasnt sold in Spain. Lovely
  13. Thank you for the welcome! Yep, we have lived a lot of together, my dad says I'm like a Italian car owner, all day working on it And for sure, if someone is interested in the din conversion, I can explain what I did.
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