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Hello all

Haven’t been part of a forum for a very long time, but thought there might be some helpful bits I’ll find whilst doing work on the car and need to find on here too. 
Last car s**t the bed on me and I needed something reliable and somewhat cheap to drive, plus it had to be something I’d enjoy driving and owning, all on a not very large budget. Searched eBay and auto trader for anything Honda and looked at a few different chassis until I came across the mb2. There were a few around but all more money and worse condition than I would have liked, or literally the other side of the country and I didn’t have time to drive that far to get them. 
Settled on a blue 1.4s mb2 that was around the Leeds area so not too far from me, garage guy wanted a grand, decent condition, few decent scratches too, 56000 miles and no history. Perfect for me. Went to go see it on the night time as only time I could go due to work, car was filthy, oily handprints all over it and didn’t start because of a flat battery. Not a promising start. Test drive was a bit lacklustre, was used to driving a mk1 Octavia vrs so it was a super slouch in comparison, true grandad mobile but instantly I wanted it. Pointed out a few bits on return and said “800 good for you?” He said yes.

Few days later I looked in the boot and found they’d left an Autotel code reader/multimeter that’s about £150ish, didn’t know if they’d left it in there so I could clear the eml light on the dash that appeared on the way home but that’s what I stuck with


Didn’t take any photos of it before the AliExpress parcels started coming in so I think these are the earliest



After it’s first proper clean and wax, paint is in lovely condition, pretty sure it’s a dead man’s car, garaged and lightly used. Alloys are wrecked though, heavy corrosion and really badly brush painted where they’ve flaked. I do quite like them though so I plan to refurb them and paint them myself when I get a bit of time, tyres on the fronts aren’t too bad, rears are ancient. 
Obligatory Mugen pedals and spoon shift knob, mats are from an ep I had made years ago

622ACD67-C153-451D-B8B9-467CAE8BCAE2.jpeg.e7a55048f88108252ee2b1a2f9ead648.jpegAC970D0D-EBFC-48B4-83BC-AF83D904F355.jpeg.23cb437bf50f246b1dbc57c0c3909d4a.jpegWhale p***s was free from a friend and HKS filter was from Ali, along with the Mugen socks, Password washers, Mugen rad cap and oil cap, and the oil catch can too. Bit of an awkward fitment for the catch can but it’s tidy and it works.


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Next was wrinkle red-ing the rocker cover and fitting new rover gasket as I couldn’t find a Honda one for cheap.

Ali exhaust mani and downpipe went on next along with new plugs and HT leads I had made by a guy on eBay, brilliant quality would highly recommend! And again, they were the only upgraded version I could find, and cheaper than OG leads too so no brainer there! 

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Next was a machine polish as it deserved it I thought, found an OG spoiler and some paint matched spray that turned out to be almost as old as the car and didn’t quite come out as I would have liked so I’ll have that to repaint at some point, but looks infinitely better on the car than without a spoiler.

Also new Ali steering wheel that’s surprisingly nice for 20 quid, only issue was the wheel hub, I bought 3 different ones and it ended up being a Land Rover wheel hub that fit in the end, believe it was a 15mm wheel hub for the mb2. Strange little car! 
Pulled a couple badges off of the boot too, the civic ghost will need a good cut a few times to take it completely off but doesn’t bother me, can only see it if you’re up close, I’ll get round to it eventually. Can also see how bad the alloys are in a couple of the photos 5D54A0F6-1229-4F40-9ADA-2339433614B0.jpeg.bac317794d9116916374bdaef131c3f8.jpeg

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Got round to fitting the Ali Ktuned shifter and poly bushes for it next. Laying on your back with the car an inch from your nose made this job a little tricky but nothing too bad to be honest. Did have to drill out a bolt as I snapped it manhandling it, and the little black cup thing the shifter sits in wasn’t quite large enough to accommodate the new parts so I put a holesaw attachment on a drill and f**ked it up a bit until it fitted quite nicely. If anyone does this you’d need a new white ‘ball thing’ and rubber boot, I don’t know what it’s actually called and I’m many rums deep now so ‘ball thing’ will do! 

Only issue with it is that if the shifter is on its lowest setting for the shortest shift throw, the bottom of the shifter slightly touches the back pipe of the exhaust, only on startup until it gets warm, which doesn’t make sense to me really but it’s only for a couple minutes then it’s fine. Makes a world of difference though, and again, for 20 quid you really might aswell! 

I also managed to get a set of genuine oversize front fogs for £15 quid which I was stupidly happy with, they’ll need splitting and refurbing too but £15!

Haven’t got round to doing anything with them as of yet but did tuck a little Spoon trinket away behind one of the fog covers until then 


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Next was a leather deck interior swap with armrest and door cards

(I spent about half an hour writing this part out then deleted it by accident in one second so this will just be photos)

E6E9E5ED-2063-4A30-B166-C93621484200.thumb.jpeg.140e9bedb9238aed6d9adacd162e94eb.jpegDB636AAD-B777-4E82-9E1B-CB789F300331.thumb.jpeg.fa6ed71cc5ea027fbde18494e5c9faa4.jpeg401FC1BF-D8E2-4D23-9A85-E2B3E8FE6030.thumb.jpeg.726e074008f78dd140cf840735212a33.jpeg23BE3861-9086-4A38-A86B-58C3DA10B9B7.jpeg.b85bf6e53d44d56b3631884ff5a2dc13.jpeg7C41FD93-5453-4618-B7E5-939749333E5D.thumb.jpeg.f9f595ea5a055266b30aaa737a65c7dd.jpegThis bracket on the rear deck needed a bit of dremel action 


Also, the rear seat restraining tabs are too big to hold the seats, guy sent me the aero deck ones the next day for free, top guy!0D2CACA1-B318-4F5F-A92E-5A108A9371B8.thumb.jpeg.7427a31a3c6dafa76b5164f81a47f0ae.jpeg0AA334B9-06CE-4518-ABAE-248481E3DE45.thumb.jpeg.df718c634fd9d0fef8b531546b141b67.jpeg454318EE-88FA-40BD-A4F3-C7F103CBE8C7.thumb.jpeg.e875a8e403beb355f88c778a5a55770c.jpegA55BCE87-FC2C-49FA-B661-762D0AE339F1.thumb.jpeg.eeb0f6db1e279d0a4adb3d63c58690fb.jpeg78C80FE0-03BF-4D26-9E44-21C446EEEB32.thumb.jpeg.c8a91303c100fbe2baa42d875c55e8cb.jpeg32E40ECA-FD76-4C46-8B8C-F5BC2EB4A680.thumb.jpeg.778ad487856b3961d4872b8a5d5bee7e.jpeg7559F42C-5442-4C96-9946-22CA3A3C0BBE.thumb.jpeg.6bb7389ddcd3d1d35112c3aa88a68282.jpegC5293659-7D75-480E-8EC7-6037C6332D14.thumb.jpeg.ad2c1d7e2e306cd573520e14e3248fe9.jpegA3E6AA69-6295-4750-AF0B-09A6A4389D75.thumb.jpeg.da8aef5a2b52e136452fab5e4da9127c.jpegA9F8B272-F27D-4CE7-BF1F-797DDBC26136.thumb.jpeg.e832895de7f674fdb89283be8ec5c166.jpegEC93FBFA-4FCF-4C0B-B6AA-254B4DBF4363.thumb.jpeg.94c066265b085a5f0405da014a345f99.jpeg

Rear door cards were electric and I needed winders so put some holes in them, now they have winders! 
Might have broke the handle a bit too but threaded a tiny bolt on the end of the rod and now it works fine 8CC71F52-9482-41D2-B32C-D3E009A6A5A8.thumb.jpeg.579dad2c1a88aae2e252b6a1bb6c345d.jpeg10DE1F6D-8587-4F72-B5AB-A3798FA67823.thumb.jpeg.59a2b0ec7db420dd66c56d6f187ee5e6.jpeg632CF835-8596-4843-A20A-D2374E03C7E7.thumb.jpeg.b452648520f538583974c97a1c8b6cdb.jpeg044A3F7C-529F-4939-82EA-26C3DBFB376C.thumb.jpeg.197163add22d7909e6f54b8de5d58c6b.jpeg


Got the full interior for £80 and I’d say it’s a huge upgrade from the beige cloth interior, the switches on the centre console don’t work as the connectors were too big for the plugs but I can bodge them at some point I’m sure 

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Next bits will probably be springs or Ali coil overs, eg lca’s, dc2 traction bar, strut braces, tyres, brakes, Ali skunk 2 intake mani swap and whatever else I can find really. Got a spoon N1 backbox from my old ep that would need welding in and a decat too, might take it to an exhaust shop at some point and see about having a back pipe made up with those bits added, nothing too loud though, 90bhp is nothing to shout about after all! 

In the meantime I need to get rid of the Octavia as I don’t fancy messing with it anymore, turbo started to get play in it and I snapped a couple studs off of it so wants a new one ideally, slipped of a jack onto an axle stand so one sill took a beating, rear calliper keeps locking on. Someone will want it for £600 or so, don’t mind it staying on the driveway until then! 

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