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Honda Paul's Tuned Civic VTI-S (Champ White)

Honda Paul

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My Honda Civic MB6 1.8 VTI-S (Modified)


Welcome to my pride and joy,this car was built in my garage starting in January 2012 and concluding in July 2013.

I've always wanted to build a car from scratch,the bare shell all the way up and this was my opportunity to do it and do it my way. 
In 2011 I built a Civic VTI (the blue one) pretty much refurbished the whole car but didn't go anywhere near the attention to detail that I've paid on this one. Unfortunately I crashed that car (hence the pics at the start of the album) so from the ashes of that crash I stripped the car and kept all the bits scraping the old chassis.
I then purchased a genuine Civic VTI-S from a guy in Salisbury, the car was in fairly good condition with no major damage and ran well - this I thought to my self would be the building block for my plan! 

Over the next 18 months the car was gutted and the whole chassis and body was rubbed down,re under sealed and prepped ready for paint. All the suspension and brakes where fitted before spraying with all components being carefully removed,re sprayed and re fitted or replaced with new or uprated parts. 
The vehicle was sprayed championship white, trailer'ed back to my garage and the rest of the rebuild continued.....

The album shows a step by step guide to my journey through 2 winters which where not nice to work in! Dozens of cuts scars and self inflicted injure's and a very forgiving and understanding girlfriend to reach what I wanted to achieve.
I've loved building her despite all the ups and downs and I'm kinda glad it's now done but with all projects - there never truly finished....... I hope you all enjoy my build thread :) There are more pictures on the link in the newbies section when i first said hey....

With Special thanks to - 
Kathy Singer
Steven Rumming
Baileys Accident Repair Swindon
Scorpion Engineering Swindon (Nigel Hannon)
Fish Brothers Honda
Ebay UK and US

The Car 

• Honda Civic 1.8 VTI-S (Limited Edition)
Standard 170 BHP
5 Door MB6 Chassis
5 Speed Manual
A/C Removed (no pipes, condensers, wiring etc etc) 
Rear Wiper And Washer Jet Removed
Full VTI-S Front and Rear Bumper Spoilers
VTI-S Colour Coded Side Skirts

• Purchase Of Vehicle - W-Reg (2000) Honda Civic VTI-S : Price: £1000
Sale date: 22/05/2012
EBay Number - 26102699566
Mileage - 112,000 Miles

Underneath of vehicle
• Car Completely Stripped Apart Down To Bare Shell.
• Re-Seamed All Seems With Car Body Sealer and Sealed Everywhere That Honda Had Missed From Factory.
• Rubbed Down All Surface Rust and Treated with Rust Repellent (Kurust) - Primed And Then Sprayed
• Under Sealed Whole Underside / Arch’s And Tunnel
• Rubbed Down Treated All Usual Rust Prone Area’s (Inner Rear Back Of Arch’s, Lower Front of Rear Arch’s, Etc)
• The Following Parts Have Been All Rubbed Down And Sprayed With Hammerite or Primed, Sprayed And Lacquered : Fuel Tank
Front Hub Arms
Front Sub Frame
Rear Trailing Arms Front Anti Roll Bar & Brackets
Rear Anti Roll Bar & Brackets
Rear Hubs
Front Hubs
Front Bumper Beam
Rear Caliper Covers 
Every Single Bracket or Mount
• Cleaned / Reconditioned All ABS Sensors And Sprayed Covers.
• Sand Blasted All 4 Caliper Carriers, Sprayed With Hycote Caliper Paint
• Sand Blasted All 4 Calipers And Sprayed With Hycote Caliper Paint


• Honda B18C4 ENGINE And GEARBOX (60,000 miles. Covered another 10k by Jan 2013) 
• 4 Branch 4-1 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - B Series 
• Custom Built Stainless Steel CAT Back Exhaust System (Bells Silencers, Swindon)
• Tegiwa De-Cat Pipe
• Integra Type R Cam Shafts (DC2)
• SKUNK 2 70mm Throttle Body
• Vortex 70mm Throttle Body Spacer - Honda Integra 90-01 B18
• SKUNK2 Pro Series Intake Manifold - Civic/Integra GSR B18C4)
• EXEDY Clutch Kit And Release Bearing - Honda Civic 1.8 VTI 
• FIDANZA Flywheel 3.4kgs - Civic B16 B18 VTI EK9
• Cold Air Induction Kit Honda Civic VTI 1996-2000 
• Chrome Engine Brackets,- Civic B18/B16 
• Alloy Slim Line Race Radiator - Honda Civic EK EG VTEC 92-00 
• Aluminium Radiator Fan Shroud - Honda Integra Type R DC2 
• Samco Full Silicone Hose Kit (Red) - Honda B18 B16 
• Honda Integra Type R Ultra Ignition Leads - B18C B16A 
• Goodridge B16 Fuel Line (261086399042)
• AVID Billet Steel Engine Mounts - x3 - EG/DC2 B SERIES 
• AVID Billet Steel Engine Torque mounts x2 - Civic EG EK 92-00 DC2
• Honda Civic Oil Catch Can - B18 D16)
• Professionally refurbished Red Rocker Cover

• EBC Turbo Groove Front Brake Discs - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) .. 
• EBC Turbo Groove Rear Brake Discs - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) 
• EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB)
• EBC Green Stuff Front Brake Pads - Honda Civic 1.8 VTi VTec (MB) 
• Goodridge Braided Front And Rear Brake Hose Lines - Honda Integra DC2 .
• Integra Type R DC2 Brake Master Servo Stopper Brace


• Full Koni Adjustable Struts And Lowered 40mm Springs
• Teqiwa Rear Lower Tie Bar Honda - Integra Type R DC2
• Buddy Club P1 Racing Rear Lower control Arm’s - Honda Civic EG

• D2 Racing Rear Upper Adjustable Camber Arm’s - Honda Civic EF EG EK 
• Buddy Club P1 Racing Front Upper Camber Arm’s - Honda Civic
• 933 Motorsport 3 Point Front Tower Strut Bar - Honda Civic EG, 
• 933 Motorsport Rear 4 Point Tower Strut Bar 
• Rover MG ZS 180 Rear Anti Roll Bar (25m)
• Track Rod Ends (Non Gen) x 2 - (Euro Car Parts)
• Front Lower Control Arm’s (Non Gen) x 2 - (Euro Car Parts)
• Genuine Honda Rear Trailing Arm Bush’s x 2 
• Genuine Honda Front And Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush’s x 2
• Genuine Honda Front Anti Roll Bar Drop Links x2
• MG ZR Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link’s (New) Supplied With Roll Bar
• Energy Suspension Gear Shifter Linkage Bushes 

Interior And Other

• MOMO Genuine Honda Steering Wheel - Integra DC2 
• Integra Type-R DC2 Recaro Seats
• Honda Civic MB5 (not MB6) VTI VTEC VTIS - Bosch - Fog Lights ( much bigger than standard and don’t crack)




























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Thanks guys. The rear strut brace was for a DC2 Nik, had to modify it to fit mind but I'm prety sure it's making a big difference bearing in mind it's a 4 way mounted one :) front and rear braces where purchased from 933 Motorsport and front one only required minor adjustment to fit perfectly :)

I love the MB's matt. As I've said before, best car Honda ever made so far! Plus there becoming more of rarity these days too....Specially tidy ones like on this site.

As for the sale of my baby.........I've spent an absolute fortune on her and its taken me 18 months of my life to build. If I was to be perfectly honest I'd quite happily leave her in the garage and never even drive it,just polish her every weekend! But you never know when needs must ;)

Thanks again for all your comments, it's nice to talk to people who really appreciate what I've done and can share the same passion for these cars.

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I'd always preferred white but the MB I built before (the blue one) I didn't have the door shuts or engine bay done so I had it resprayed the same colour blue. Shame really cuz I did like my blue mb,however if I hadn't of crashed it then I never would of built my white one :)

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