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Hey lads,

Have previously put a build thread on civiclife forum but thought I'd wack one up here too for different opinions etc.

Currently I have re-sprayed the grill and re-badged boot...
Ive cleaned up bay, powder coated rocker cover and fitted short ram induction kit (soon to be cold air induction kit)...
Removed headlight washer jets...
New head unit, fusion sub and fli door speakers...

Next I plan to fill jet holes in front bumper and re-spray it, along with skirts and rear bumper as they have a few dings etc.

Purchased the relevant stuff for this from halfords, had a question though... If i get paint colour using cars ext. paint code... Once lacquered will it have the desired effect or will it look out of place.... The silver has a metallic shine to it but not sure if my sprayed bumpers will come out the same as not done this before? Any tips welcome please!!

Here's a couple pics anyway...


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Have a look on you tube for guides to painting from a can, the key is in good prepping, keeping the part clean in as dust free environment as you can get and take your time.

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Yeah aslong as im patient hopefully should be fine... And ill rub down with really fine wet n dry after each colour n laquer coat so should get rid of any dust if any!

Cheers lads

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Right guys im after some advice if possible...

This car's done just over 150,000 miles... apart from the obvious cambelt, what can I do to prolong her life and stop her blowing up? Already noticed a little oil leak to the left just under the rocker cover, thinking new cover seal as I didnt renew it when I got cover painted?

Also would I get away with prepping my bumpers to be sprayed, re fitting them, and wait to get them sprayed till another day?? Or am I best to do it in one hit... I guess then ill have it lacquered and protected from the weather?

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Regular oil changes and servicing will all help towards a long life and yes it sounds like a new rocker gasket is in order.


With the bumpers, how much prep are you doing and how long before you can get them sprayed? Obviously yes it would be good to do it in one go but if you are doing the repairs and then priming they should be fine for a while and will just need a good cleaning before paint.

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Cheers for comments guys, think i am gona do paintwork in one hit, probably safer option!

Will get new rocker seal, looks like its coming from between head and block too on left side but i think its what you said andrew... Cant see coming from actual rocker cover but is around cam seal area so will look into that. I think its coming from there and going down past head join making it look like two leaks when its not! Lol

Ive had many compliments on the full kit... By that i gather you guys mean the bumper lip kit? If so Thanks for positive comments on it!! :D

Still getting used to all the lingo haha!!

(Also already had paint mixed up, glad to have confirmation its defo the titan silver they mixed up for me lol!!)

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