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    And we have our winner! Jakes stunningly restored VTiS! Well done mate and well deserved! Also well done to our runners up! Hope to see you all in March's cotm guys!
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    Not a good picture. But its a reflection, the best I have to offer I'm affraid.
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    Well - Success !! The guy got the nut off, took him about 2 mins. He used a high torque impact driver and a lump hammer and the original key. Told him that I had tried my impact driver (15 quid halfords special) without success. He said this driver was in a different league, cost about 100 quid and has so much torque it can snap sockets or the drive head easily. If that had failed he said he had other tools for pin-type nuts that would do the trick and rechargeable drivers with up to 1600 ft llbs torque. Didn't even damage the nut or key if I had wanted to re-use it (not). So if you have a similar problem, may be worth calling your local specialist (mobile tyre fitters come across these problems frequently, mine was the 3rd of his today). If in the Norwich area - pabrownmobiletyres - highly recommended !
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    cheers, it feels loads better for them but eventually i'd like to get some coilovers for it . Yeah still on the original shocks, once they die I'll look into coilovers I wouldnt chuck this about like I would the aerodeck, its a big heavy car and you can feel it. i tried dervtech first but they wasn't able to do it, something to do with the software they use. so I ended up going to durham remaps, they had done one of these accords before so I knew they'd be able to do it.
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    yeah they'll be sent back this week. I've ended up getting some eibach spacers just because I trust the name. so fingers crossed they'll be okay. Not all of the accords do have that break set up. I believe all the estates do and some of the saloons. It may just been anything with the 2.4 petrol and 2.2 diesel engine. But those disks are 305mm on the rear of the accord. Bigger than the uprated fronts on my aerodeck!
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    Car's looking tip top How's the handling with the springs? Are you in standard shocks? Where did you get the remap done?
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    That sucks, but that paint....
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    The lengths some folk go to to win a competition, i mean, getting a respray so its the most shiney and reflective? Cmon Jake, play fair! Lol the depth of that bonnet you could almost jump into it mate!!!! Stunning!
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    Not good mate, sorry to see that. Car looking epic btw, nice work
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    Started to rain. Typical. Shoved the car into the garage. Boot was up went to lower the electric door. I hadn't pushed car in enough door clipped the edge of the boot lid. So mad at myself. Gotta get the boot painted now.