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  1. Dougie

    Talk to me about power gains

    I'm nearing the end of an NA build with mine and its all been done to a budget (mostly). Blox inlet manifold (these are close enough to being the same as the Skunk2 inlets for a fraction of the price, I got mine second hand for £150) DC2 integra cams and valve springs, it might take a bit of digging but you can get a set of cams for £200 and I think the springs were an extra 50. On top of this I got an engine rebuild kit which came with YCP B16B pistons. the kit was approximatly £500 but I had to pay a fair chunk in import tax and shipping as it came from the states. it also included a full set of king bearings and seals for the whole engine. An ebay special 4-2-1 stainless manifold with a 2.5 inch collector to go with my exisitng 2.5 inch mongoose exhaust. the manifold was about £160, The exhaust was on the car when I got it. The car is going on the dyno in the next week or two when I get everything buttoned up finally and honestly none of us have any clue what kind of power its going to make. all we know is the compression ratio is higher than any of the factory engines, with VERY approximate napkin maths it should be nearly 13:1. you can pick and choose how far you want to go with yours but obviously some of the mods require some of the others to work, and once you get past a certain point you really do need to Map it otherwise it will never be right. Also bear in mind that if you do the inlet manifold it means deleting the IAB's which caused me some headaches in the beginning. I'll be doing a full update in my build thread once I get time to sort through all the photographs.
  2. Some Great pictures there..... See that Orange Rapier, that actual car was my Grandmothers, she had it from new and we gave it to the museum to display when she stopped driving in her late 80's. One day when I have a garage to do it in I'm going to ask for it back so I can restore it properly
  3. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    Success! She runs and is drivable but she's in a bit of a sorry state, best Christmas present I could have got Like the new wheels?
  4. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    Thanks dude, Glad to see there are some of the old faces still around ^^ Small Update: Shes having some welding done at the moment and a few bits and peices to get her through an MOT which should be finished by next week, going to pick her up between christmas and new year. Can't wait
  5. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    Awesome, I'll let you know when I get a better idea of dates
  6. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    Hey dude, it has been a long time! I'm back in Edinburgh now, I should have the car back down here shortly after new year, fancy a road trip to the dyno once its broken in?
  7. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    Sorry about the radio silence chaps! there was an um..... delay. Anyway, for the first time in roughly 3 and a half years she started this morning! she'll be through her MOT next week and getting mapped on a dyno in the new year after shes been run in (newly rebuilt engine and all). sometime after christmass I'll get a proper update on here with pictures and the full story of the build :) And Hi to anyone whos new here wondering where this old thread surfaced from ^^
  8. Dougie

    ignition fault.....possibly

    awesome thanks mate, It'll be next week before i can get back at it now so ill let you know how that goes!
  9. Dougie

    ignition fault.....possibly

    Hi Dave the engine has indeed been right out, the other ECU that we tested the car with has run it before, (not recently though) as far as whats been done, nothing has been changed wiring wise since the last time it was working, its got new/different pistons and cams, also a new inletmanifold that no longer has the IAB's however it was running with that already changed before we pulled the rest of it apart. we have been over all the connections with a fine tooth comb but havent found anything that was forgotten. Ill have a look at the fueses though thats a good shout thanks.
  10. Dougie

    ignition fault.....possibly

    Hi guys, I was getting all geared up for the big reveal on my build thread and now the b****ring thing wont start and i need one of you electrical wizards to help! symptoms: turn the ignition on and all the lights on the dash come on as they should.... with the exeption of the engine management light which doesnt come on at all. the main relay clicks but the fuel pump doesnt prime and then the engine wont even attempt to turn over. immobiliser light flashes and then goes off the way it should tried: different and known working ECU all earthing checked and cleaned main relay tested any suggestions would be immensely appreciated,
  11. Dougie

    Obd2a Distributor

    Emergency! Need 2 Obd2a Distributors for an Mb6 if anyone has any and is willing to sell and post i would be most grateful. if its a reasonable distance away (unlikely) ill come and get them.
  12. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    the wheels i got are the 4x114's came from a mates 96 spec teg, he did a hub swap to 5 stud recently so i nabbed his old wheels if you could send them that would be great, not sure when ill be able to get to a meet next
  13. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    Thanks @Dave, any chance i can get my forum stickers for it when its finished?
  14. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    well seeing as im not gonna be able to get individual pictures of the parts now >< I may as well fill you in. just under a year ago I finally got round to fitting the Blox inlet manifold that I had bought months before, this resulted in (I'm assuming due to increased pressure or something) the stem seals and/or piston rings blowing themselves to b****ry and enormous clouds of black smoke. So after some deliberation i decided to buy a wee van that i could use for work and take the car off the road while I got the stuff together to rebuild the engine and fix the problems. it was about 10 seconds after that decision that i thought "well if its all coming apart anyway......." so months later and hording parts for the best part of a year I now have the following! High Comp DC2 pistons DC2 cams and dual valve springs P28 socketed ecu (to be mapped once everything else is done) ACL race series bearings Super Street 4-2-1 2.5 inch exhaust manifold and adjustable decat. shiny new Bridgestone Adrenalin RE002's on 16 inch black DC2 alloys and of course the Blox inlet that caused all the issues in the first place The Beard is excellent thank you! I honestly cant wait to get her back on the road, Ive been dealing with the worlds most gutless berlingo for nearly a year and its driving me MAD
  15. Dougie

    Dougies 2-Tone sicilian/pirate MB6

    What's Happnin' Dudes! hows it going guys I know i have been AWOL for a while, I've been crazy busy with work and car stuff has been sidelined due to time and money issues, however i managed to avoid selling her and found a corner to hide her in under a cover but things are starting to happen again, she's been off the road for a little under a year while i stockpiled parts and the rebuild has begun! lots of shiny things going into her and i will post a full update when i can get some pictures Hope everyone is doing well and I'll speak to you all later now I'm gonna go lurk around the rest of the forum and see what everyone else has been up to