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  1. Clutch seen better days, pretty glazed, few grooves in the pressure plate. Flywheel in good shape though. Unsure weather to get a lighter one yet.
  2. I left mine on and just tore them off, they came off fairly easy, just dont force anything if it starts to look like its tough and bending something. You might have take some pliars or something to get the frayed bits out from the edges. I used my girlfriends nail polish remover, wd40, some actual glue remover solution, alot of elbow grease and scotch brite. It really is a pig to get off! This might help
  3. I tore mine off, its black plastic and actually looks good, after alot of scrubbing to remove the old glue
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122523555225
  5. Sh!te weather at the moment so pulled the engine out cause its getting in the way. Now its even more in the way, need a bloody good tidy up and fetch the engine stand out of storage
  6. Tucked wiring harness on passenger side, waiting for a few bits to finish it.
  7. Had a couple of hours go at the nsf arch, try throw a bit of protection on it and make it look tidy. One side done.
  8. Trying to get the suspension sorted so i can sit it on wheels and roll it outside. All bushes changed up front.
  9. Engines going to get complete rebuild with new mains, arp rod bolts, jap type r pistons, new oem oil and waterpump and belt. Type r head and valves/springs with b18c4 cams, oem head gasket. Should be about 11.25:1 cr. Not a complete wrap up there who knows i change my mind alot. Still havnt got any bits for the gearbox which will need rebuilding/i want to rebuild.
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