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hi all, time to make a start on my project thread. Been lurking a couple of months gathering parts and doing some research, and getting bored with the stock 100,000 mile tired old mb6 so it's time to pull my finger out and start modding. 

Parts so far: 

Ebay coilovers

powerflex bushings

various hard parts (tie rods etc.)

plastic whales p***s 

new ht leads and dizzy cap/rotor

bosch battery 

4-1 ebay manifold

drilled & grooved discs with mintex pads

buddy club p1 16x7j wheels with toyo t1r's 

kenwood head unit, kenwood 10'' sub and jbl amp

misc fluids etc.

I have a set of new old stock itr pistons (pr3) and a 98 type r cylinder head (p72) with valves and springs but no cams. I plan on doing a full rebuild and hi comp N/A build in the future but for now i just want to get the car lightly modded and sitting right, work out the issues.

Been hit with health problems recently so i'm not going to be overseas working for a coupla months which sucks so moneys gonna be tight but i will have plenty of time. Lucky for me i have a decent sized workshop with full sized pit with overhead beam and hoist, just need to get off my a*s and get it cleared out properly, nearly there. You'll be seeing plenty of pics over the next few weeks anyway so looking forward to you guys feedback along the way. Lets do this.


mb6 with it's little brother




wheel choice





will upload more pics soon

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thanks, i've been toying with the idea of a custom manifold and hayabusa throttle bodies, but with aftermarket honda bolt on parts, it would be much easier to just buy off the shelf inlet like a skunk2 or something. Im kinda confused which direction im going to be honest, i had goals of turbocharging but i ended up winning the itr pistons on ebay and the head popped up local to me, i offered 200 quid and he accepted, it is a genuine type r head, 98 spec with the green paint mark left by honda engineers, so i'm pretty chuffed, always wanted to have a go at porting and it's nice to have a spare vtec head, maybe get a b20 and stick the c4 head on that. Daydreaming lol. For now i need to get the breathing mods sorted. exhaust is the next big one i need to sort, i'm kinda on a budget with work and the taxman rubbing his hands counting down to the 31st now, 

Should i get exhaust and p28 ecu and remap now? or just stick the exhaust on, have it run on stock b18c4 ecu and wait until all the mods are finished before the remap?

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type r bare head


factory paint mark from selection process




stage 1 clutch


4 branch


beaks bar and skunk2 lca's


mg spoiler


itr pistons, came with 4 oem wrist pins and a few oem stem seals


new brakes all round.


ebay shocks, not quite meister r's but they'll do (hopefully)


I love pic heavy threads, hope you do too ;)




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Should run ok with P9k standard ecu with the manifold,  more efficient and will run little weaker ,that's a plus.

I have type R ukdm center B pipe on mine straight fit with bigger bore and a cheep upgrade   .   ""          ""    .

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