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Civic Aerodeck MB9 (Hinata)


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Hello everyone, still adding details to the car here and there. I've remade the splitter and today I was fiddling with a custom airbox / heatshield. Also found some VTI skirts!!






Used a sheet of bent metal and cut to size for the airbox, will probably finish tomorrow. My buds Joshua and Pascal still had some piping laying around which they were kind enough to trade for that terrible whale p***s ;)






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Finished up the piping today, wrapped the airbox in the same colour as the car. Just needs a filter now.







I really like this clean look, I might try making covers like this for the other side as well to hide the PS pump and screenwash reservoir.

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Made a cover for the other side as well. And introduced a carbonfibre fender bit. Not really functional but it adds some variance to the car. The plan is to convert the rear spoiler to carbon fibre at some point as well, and have some more bits at the rear in CF too to keep the motive going.







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A few months ago, me and a couple M series acquintances got more into starting a real group for M series in The Netherlands. A whatsapp chatgroup has been set up and today we had the "first" "real" meeting! Got to see some nice M's from all over the country. 




Enough attendance for a car that is considered a dying breed here. It's a good feeling to know that these are being cared for well :)

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