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Nice! Amp and sub will make such a difference to the sound. Those deck roof speakers are shockingly bad....bad placement and really poor quality. Poor old DD is lying out there, her interior in bits at the moment till I decide what the hell I'm doing lol Been looking at the single din android units with motorized screens but a lot are piss poor ( and over priced) so the hunt continues!

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Finally got the car in to get the knackered back box sorted out.. The old power flow one was fooked. Apart from the flange just about falling off, the seam on the box was goosed, so ended up with a nice new shiny one. The guy who did it used to do the power flow ones where I got mine said they used to use rubbish and the seams always went. 


The new one's a bit bigger and matches the rest of the system, and has a bit more of a fruity sound to it, and a bit of a burble coming off the revs low down. Pretty happy with what they've done. 





Seems a bit freer at higher revs, so wonder if the back box being goosed was interfering with the flow. 

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One of these tried to beat me away from the lights on the way back (and was planning on cutting me up as their lane didn't go off the roundabout). 


I wasn't racing, as I didn't know they were going that way, but I did set it away to hear the new exhaust. :lol:


Left him behind... Just looked at the specs.. :shock:




There's life in the old b series yet 8-)


The guy in the fn civic behind me at the lights was less than impressed with being cut up by him though. 

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2 hours ago, KiNK43 said:

Good on you. Need to show these people old Honda's Never die they just get faster! (And rustier)

I'm sure that after about 50 he would have left me for dead once the grunt kicked in, but hey ho. 

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4 hours ago, KiNK43 said:

That's where a snail comes in handy.

I bet! 

I've literally just got back from driving a Renault captur hire car, which had a pitiful little diesel engine, but took off when the turbo kicked in. 

Stupid little car it was. Couldn't even enjoy the turbo, coz it felt like it couldn't handle it :blink:

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Strangely I've had a captur hire car aswell while our ford was repaired.  Altho It was a 1.5 petrol, it was really punchy too.

But I totally agree.  Wasn't very stable at speed or mid corner of giving it any. 

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