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Popped to the shop this morning, and was surprised at how sprightly the car felt. I forgot how much it likes cooler fresh air. 

After the drop in temperature and humidity there was really a difference! 

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Going to a classic and retro car meet / show tomorrow, so have given the old girl a good clean and the first polish after the restoration. Also, swapped the weather strips from tubs as they were only a few years old. 














Will take plenty of photos tomorrow. 


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Cheers, pleased with how she scrubbed up - could do with a clay bar, or even a machine polish (if the paint would stand it). 


Did notice a little rust patch starting on the passenger door at the corner. Checked on tubs and it must be one of the only panels that doesn't have any rust on, so think I'll be swapping the door (typical that I notice it after swapping the weather strips!). 


The car show was pretty cool - had a good natter with the lad with the eg. He's got a dc2 engine in it.. Lush colour paint on it as well. 


Was quite a posh country gent type feel to the day, but was pretty sound. 

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Car's at the garage today for something that I've been meaning to get done for ages - getting the intake mani ported to match the dc2 throttle body. 


I don't know if it really needs it, but although the bigger throttle body made a nice difference to throttle response and acceleration generally, I had a nagging feeling that it was struggling at higher revs after the butterflies opened, compared to before (or compared to lower in the rev range anyway), and figured that it was because there was a step that the air was having to force past. 


Might make loads of difference or none... Who knows :blink: :lol:


It's at AK Automotive, which is the place that do loads of mx5 stuff and have a race team. When I dropped the car off yesterday, I had to laugh at this sticker on the back of this track mx5 



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So turns out that the port on the IM is the same size as the TB. Guess that the IM must have had a step up in size, which I think is supposed to be a benefit - oh well. 

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