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So possibly a little premature, although I thought i'd begin the thread now :-)

So this is what I've commited to buying; Only 78k !!!!


Providing he doesnt mess me around and its as described, I collect monday evening ..

Cannot wait ..

First additions will be a new stereo as it has the standard tape player still in! Any suggestions?

And wheels will be swapped over .. WIll get a pick up ASAP .. Plus more pic's from when i pick her up on Monday .. Also have an indcuction kit that will fit so will get that on prompto too ..

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Are you just a little bit excited?  ecstatic.gif1


Nice head unit and only £100, I prefer the connectors on the rear though.

Ummm possibly just a little!!!! ecstatic.gif1


Cannot wait if im honest! Been too long since ive been in a car that I want and not a car that is depicted by work/children .. Being the MC2 its obviously still slightly for the kids, but this is a comprimise im willing to make ..


Will have a better look into the headunits when I get a chance..

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In all honesty I've not seen many aerodecks at all. Not unless I wanted to travel to the other side of the country again. Which I don't lol.

Hoping it lives up to the pictures!!

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