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    Nice Little meet with Dream owners club today ,sadly no mb's about .Good catch up

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    Hello all, im looking for the keyless door lock control unit in my car. I lost the infrared remote control (1 button) for a '97 MB6 and want to swap the whole system from a MC2 as a donor car, but i just cant find the control unit. As far as i know, I need the remote control, the receiver module and the corresponding control unit. The dealer manual I have, says its behind the climate control panel, but its not there. Could it be that the immobilizer is also the keyless control unit? Im suspecting that because it has those markings with frequencies and approvals for the different countries. I took every thing apart, the consoles, looked in both footwells, but couldnt find it. I would be happy if someone could help me find this thing. thanks alot, Ibo
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    Yup, its screwed to the back of that panel. Youll need the receiver too (the wee dome above rear view mirror)
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    Nice man thank you I know what I'm looking for now there is very little online about there when it comes to info you have helped me out proper
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    When I bought the car I didn't no anything about them and I already got the car now for a bargain tho mine it the 1.5 vtec but the engine isn't the important part now as that can chance later I do like the sound of th b18 tho oh a couple pics of her
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    Mrs and dust bin lids treated me early father's Day pressie
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    While I'm here. Had a few little bits to do on the car. Ended up changing both front brake pistons. Sitting around does not do brakes any good at all does it. Had a minor issue aswell temp gauge would really drop at high speeds despite having a new stat, so replaced the stat again aswell as the temp sender/sensor in the head. Seems to have sorted it. Needle stays bang in the middle now. Took it for a trip to castle Combe at the weekend. Fair old trip, didn't skip a beat. Used no oil. Braught the mileage since build upto 456 so think it's ready for some proper oil and start pushing it now get it upto 8k.
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    Q= What Civic M' have I got? A= https://civic5.com/forum/main-pages/civic-5-door-and-aerodeck-chassis-codes/ Q= My cars heater only works on certain speeds, or not at all? A= The heater resistor pack has blown. See here for how to replace it >>> Click here Q= What is the wheel offset of the MB6 and other M's? A= http://www.civic5.com/wheel-info.php Q= Does a decat make any difference and where can I get one? A= Yes, a decat will make slight a difference in power. Available from various places such as Ebay Q= What tyre should I get for my M? A= All depends on the model/wheel size you have, and if it's lowered. 14" wheels 185x60 14 15" wheels 195x55 15 16" wheels 195x50 16 17" wheels 195x40 17 Q= I have an MA8/MA9 civic (pre-facelift models) Are the MB body panels the same? A= No. The MA civic 5 doors have the grill built into the front bumper. So body parts that are different are as follows Front bumper Headlights Bonnet Front wings Rear bumper Rear lights Q= What oil should I use in my civic? A= Honda recommend Castrol 10w40, however any make will be fine. You can also use 5w40 if you want to, but its a bit thinner. Q= How much oil does my engine take? A= Single cam engines take approx 3.2 - 3.4 litres, twin cam engines take 3.7 - 4.0 when you change the oil filter at the same time. Q= How often should I service my 'M'? A= Cars registered before July 1998, need a service every 6 months/6000 miles. Cars registered after July 1998 need a service every 1 year/9000 miles. (service schedules to follow.. ) Q= I am buying an m civic, what should i look out for? A= http://civic5.com/hondacivicbuyersguide.php Q= What are the most common mods done on our m civic's A=Exhaust A= Engine coolant bypass (FREE PPPOOOWWWEEERRRRRRRR!!!!) A=Dash board cluster (speedo/rev Guages) brighten up A=JDM brake light’s mod A=Headlight mod (de-tango) A=Aftermarket front fogs A=Rear anti-roll bar upgrade (MGZS) Q= Can I get replacement front and rear brake disc backing plates? A= Yes from Rimmerbros All parts are MGZS fitment. Rear part numbers. SMD000080  SMD000090 Just checked still showing in stock around 25 each (as of 21/3/2020)
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    Wasn't much because I've been cycling to work, but the last time I drove it the fuel feed line gave up... It was peeing out when I reversed on to the drive. It's going to be a recovery to the mechanics job.
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    I fear for the state of my brakes. Tubs has been sat on the drive for nearly two months without moving.