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    Ive owned huge variety of MBs ,1.4L sport,1.5l,1.6l SE & my current baby My MB6 VTI B18C4,
    Based in Brum ,Looking to boost my B18 ,Big plans.Coming to car meet near you
    Probably the only kid my age that likes MBs :O

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  1. 15s DC2 integra fit perfect and very cheap .Mudguards You can try MISTAA SAJ on facebook breaking 4 MBs
  2. Apparently the whole system weights 10kg ,Itll move faster because less work on the crank .Quite easy youtube it
  3. Got Some nice eibeck springs 45mm drop with some aftermarket shocks,Coilovers im 5050
  4. Where did you find the Aluminium pipe for the induction ,Been looking everywhere
  5. Turbo D16 , kits going for £500 600,Be a pure beast ,I have b18C4,Its gunna cost me 2 to 3k to do turbo project but Funds are low ,Next year hopefully ,Have you got the vti s kit? ,What to do is make a heat shield out of aluminium plate ,Hondas love cold air .
  6. Now Just need to get my springs on ,45mm be alright?
  7. Its the MK1 MGZS 180 rear arb that fits on the mb6?
  8. Legend ,Most of my friends are 5ft 11+,Its big headache ,They come out of my car with yellow foam all over their hair
  9. I cant wait to remove the AC ,& do a nice tuck like yours ,You need to get the 421 manifold, big improvement ,Wrapping it is a headache.Love it
  10. To be honest my tyres are bit wack,Got my DC2 Alloys going on ,Get some nice Toyos or some Michelin on them ,DC2 Alloys are really light.Picture coming up soon,A Friends got some springs but will it look good at 45mm?
  11. The car spins out in the rain ,It has to be the rear arb ,been told by few mb owners
  12. Camber arm Sprayed red OEM last owner ,told me .I believe not sure.Possibly, didnt check
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