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  1. You got one word correct its incredibly simple.. remove panel.. pull off existing fabric, clean, glue, lay on new fabric, trim to size
  2. Have you tried a cutting compound yet?
  3. Ok so just made my next purchase... anyone care to guess???
  4. Kids bed set and some spray glue (sounds abit dodgy lol)
  5. Ok so i thought this needed to happen.. the pics can do the talking Cheers for all the love on facebook too guys
  6. Yeah why not http://civic5.com/forum/index.php?/topic/8686-milkys-2nd-vti-s-de-greened-cleaned-new-sidelights/
  7. Can take the green strut brace if u provide me with another
  8. UPDATE So ive cleaned up the front end and no more green Gave it a quick wash and dry, no polish yet.. i think she came up pretty well Also fitted some SMD sidelight bulbs, (yes theyre just sideights )
  9. yeah ive cleaned up the front end too now.. Yeah i changed mine yesterday looks like I'll be getting some of them then
  10. That looks sweet... Perks of the job ay
  11. should turn it the other way so the hammer in the gun has more room to 'throw'
  12. New headunit today Nothing special but will do for now
  13. youd be suprised how many crank bolts are tighter than that!
  14. looks like a good project base
  15. Think we are all gunna end up with carbon rocker covers now lol
  16. i broke 3 of them on an LDV truck only to find the wheel bolts were left hand thread
  17. Id give it a matt black rattle job all over then use the black and yellow caution tape
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