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  1. As far as i know, aerodecks came without rear ARB and that bit/bar you see there is just a rear lower tie bar, which supports the LCA mounts in subframe. I dont know where that came from, but it was there when i bought it, but i have not seen one like this one in shops. Mine are aliexpress special 2.5" mini projectors, they take only H1 bulb, but i have to yet confirm that. They came with H4 and H7 adapters, what means you take out the bulb retainer from standard headlight, slide the back side of the projector through the hole for the bulb, slide the adapter plate onto the projector fr
  2. Nice build so far. Can you please post some photos of the backside of those projectors? I am working on my retrofit at the moment and i am curious how you mounted them. I went the lazy route and got myself some Mini H1 projectors, which use the threaded shaft, locating spacer and a nut, to simply slide in the position of H4 bulb and tighten in place...
  3. While i was writing that wall of text, i forgot to ask for your opinion on Predator Fast Road brake pads from Black Diamond and ATM Mikoda brake discs. Somewhere i found, that Mikoda, even though the are company from poland, produces brake discs for brembo europe, and friend of mine recomended them as he has their slotted discs on B18C4 swapped EK4. Also, i am again taking a closer look at honda legend frond brake calipers, as the should be direct fit, but are dual piston... As plans for near future go, i am considering a hardrace rear sway bar, since i cant get MG
  4. Hi folks, I am sorry for not posting here for almost a year... there were some minor updates to where the car is right now, but more to come. I got the car back on the road pretty soon by then, unfortunately, I still have black bonnet... Hope to get it all painted during summer. TL;DR: maintenance, repairs and some more repairs... For now I will start with what has been done maintenance wise. Shortly after accident OEM clutch, bearing pressure plate and fresh MTF. J&R right axle, 555 lower ball joints. This was done in a shop, since I was not sur
  5. So is COTM May still open? I may toss mine in, to not have a one horse race also a pic of test fit of new rims before i have them registered
  6. Front bumper and headlight mounts are being welded in these days, but i still have to find a silver hood, or get some other colour and then wrap/paint it. If i dont find any silver one before the weekend, i will pick up green or black one that i can have for 40eur alongside front bumper brace for another 10eur. What is left to do is to have that front piece which holds the hood lock pulled out a bit and repair/replace A/C radiator and hardline tube that runs in front of radiators as it is crushed. Also i almost forgot about the right fog light, but i will be looking for it when i w
  7. Minor accident on Friday, hope to have it sorted by next week. I may be pretty unfortunate, since this is second accident within last six months... As it is right now, tomorrow I am going to have bumper, lip and headlight mounts welded, on Sunday I am about to pick up a bonnet, which is unfortunately blue and probably straighten front frame (not sure how is the piece which holds the bonnet lock, light mounts and radiators called) myself and I am going to order AC radiator and front bumper brace right now. Also I am about to pick up OZ Superturismo 16" wheels on Thursday.
  8. Please be patient, accidents happen... But i hope to have it all repaired within a week.
  9. I think it should do the trick but give me a few days, to get my alloys on the car, wash it and take some photos.
  10. Exhaust done Also there is oil on spark plug for cylinder one...
  11. I even ordered dremmel like grinder/cutter made by proxxon, but it arrived two days late. As for the other one, I might do that ona too, since I have the axle at home, but I was not able to source Honda MTF at the time, so I left it for another time. But what helped immensely was a cutting disc worn down to about 80-85mm, when I tried that it was about 10 mins of actual cutting.
  12. Some more updates and pics. I have successfully replaced the axle on my second attempt. All I needed was an angle grinder with cutting disc of the right size to get into the hub and a chisel. Time total was about 4 hours of cutting, prying, whacking and swearing, but after I got the nut out it took roughly 20mins to have the car back on the ground. Unfortunately, during last two weeks some other issues appeared. Exhaust rusted through and rear muffler is totally disconnected from the mid section. From what i read on fb group, Toyosports exhausts
  13. Repairs update: Yesterday i tried to replace the broken driveshaft with no success at all. Rust vs. me 1:0. Since i dont have any airtools so i tried to get the axle nut off with 1/2" drive breaker bar. Result was two broken breaker bars. Then i tried cutting the nut, but i could not get the cutting disc on angle grinder deep enough because of extended lip of the hub. After the weekend i will probably get a dremmel and cut the rest of the nut. What i am afraid of is that i would have problems taking the axle out of the hub, if it is rusted as well... If you have any tips please let me know. I
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