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    Honda fan from childhood, wrecked fk2 that i bought from dad, now i am here

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  1. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Minor accident on Friday, hope to have it sorted by next week. I may be pretty unfortunate, since this is second accident within last six months... As it is right now, tomorrow I am going to have bumper, lip and headlight mounts welded, on Sunday I am about to pick up a bonnet, which is unfortunately blue and probably straighten front frame (not sure how is the piece which holds the bonnet lock, light mounts and radiators called) myself and I am going to order AC radiator and front bumper brace right now. Also I am about to pick up OZ Superturismo 16" wheels on Thursday.
  2. Car of the month May 2018

    Please be patient, accidents happen... But i hope to have it all repaired within a week.
  3. Car of the month May 2018

    I think it should do the trick but give me a few days, to get my alloys on the car, wash it and take some photos.
  4. Well, it seems i forgot about COTM for the third month in a row... I guess i should turn on notifications for it
  5. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Exhaust done Also there is oil on spark plug for cylinder one...
  6. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    I even ordered dremmel like grinder/cutter made by proxxon, but it arrived two days late. As for the other one, I might do that ona too, since I have the axle at home, but I was not able to source Honda MTF at the time, so I left it for another time. But what helped immensely was a cutting disc worn down to about 80-85mm, when I tried that it was about 10 mins of actual cutting.
  7. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Some more updates and pics. I have successfully replaced the axle on my second attempt. All I needed was an angle grinder with cutting disc of the right size to get into the hub and a chisel. Time total was about 4 hours of cutting, prying, whacking and swearing, but after I got the nut out it took roughly 20mins to have the car back on the ground. Unfortunately, during last two weeks some other issues appeared. Exhaust rusted through and rear muffler is totally disconnected from the mid section. From what i read on fb group, Toyosports exhausts are pretty decent quality, so I got a 60mm stainless cat back for 280€ delivered, but there was obvious mistake from the seller. I paid for one, but received two full sets with a day difference... I tried to compare it to the original exhaust and it seems to line up perfectly, although it is supposed to be for MB6 not MC2. As far as other problems go, F/L upper ball joint has a nasty clank when the suspension is fully decompressed for example on speed bumps and A/C is not working, probably just needs to be refilled.
  8. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Repairs update: Yesterday i tried to replace the broken driveshaft with no success at all. Rust vs. me 1:0. Since i dont have any airtools so i tried to get the axle nut off with 1/2" drive breaker bar. Result was two broken breaker bars. Then i tried cutting the nut, but i could not get the cutting disc on angle grinder deep enough because of extended lip of the hub. After the weekend i will probably get a dremmel and cut the rest of the nut. What i am afraid of is that i would have problems taking the axle out of the hub, if it is rusted as well... If you have any tips please let me know. I will try to hammer it out of the hub, but if it will not budge, i may as well get the whole hub out and have it pressed out at a friend of mine. For now i plan to replace just the left side driveshaft, to be able to drive the car to said friend and let him replace the other one, as i am a bit lazy to drain and refill the gearbox.
  9. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    It is VTi-S front lip i believe.
  10. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    As i said it was not worth it repairing, as the quote on repair was 10k just for airbags and other safety items. Also the floor under my feet was pushed inwards by the wheel. It probably could be repaired with the money i got from insurance, but if i was to spend that money on fk, i could just pay 300-400 more and get another fk with less k's on the clock. There was one injury though, i scratched my arm on door lock as i was getting out of the car The deck is not that sweet at the moment, since the rear bumper is cracked... Girlfriends and parking does not go well together. But should be fairly easy to repair. About those rims, i was considering banded wheels, but in my personal opinion they don't fit the deck, same goes for stretched tires. I was looking for something like OZ superturismo. Another thing is, due to Slovak legislation i can not fit any other size of rim/tire than is OE spec, unless it comes with TUV/KB certificate and if i were to get 16" or even 17" rims, only OZ have those certificates for MC2... So time will tell, i might as well change my mind in the future.
  11. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    That was my thought as well, but that was before i saw LEDs with just two chips per side, so they are roughly in the same position as halogen bulb wires. Of course i would not even try those LEDs that look like a corn cob those are just a mess. Also 12€ for pair does not hurt my wallet as much as other things on my list, even if they are garbage and i have to switch back to halogen.
  12. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    As i said, i forgot, i will also have to replace steering rack and i am considering lightened flywheel along the clutch change.
  13. Mark's MC2 - Frey

    Hi all, it was about time i stopped posting in the wrong thread and started my own. For the start a quick story about how i got my aerodeck. About 4 years ago, when i was looking for my first car, i found out that Honda decided to put B18 into family sedan/wagon, but at that time, there were none for sale in Slovakia ad i could not afford importing one, so I settled for the most reasonable option: Skoda Felicia for 370€ which i have to this day. My father had an FK2 Civic at that time, which i fell in love with from occasional driving. Fast forward 3 years, i dropped out of university (again) and decided to end my student life and find a job. Within a few weeks i got employed as a CNC machinist with above average pay. At this point of time, my father was considering retirement and a purchase of a new car. We decided, that when he buys new one, the FK2 will stay in family instead of getting sold. It was the end of october when he brought home 2017 Mazda 3 (2.0, petrol, auto) and i started to pay for the FK (200€/mo, 4500€ total). It was only 16th of december when i was coming home from night shift when i fell asleep behind the wheel, resulting in a crash into oncoming car. Luckily nobody was hurt, as it was pretty low speed crash and we hit only with front left headlight/quarter panel/wheel, but the FK was totaled. It could be repaired, but for insurance company it was not worth it, so they payed us 4000€ for the car and we still had the option to sell the wreck. one monday evening i was looking at used car prices, to find out how much we could get for it, when i stumbled upon silver Aerodeck VTi for 2800€. Price was a bit higher than i expected, but hey, it was only third aerodeck vti for sale in Slovakia for the past four years. I could not let that opportunity pass. Tuesday morning i called the seller and on friday evening i was driving home in my new deck with ear to ear smile on my face. Shortly after we sold the FK wreck for 900€. You lose some, you get some. I love my deck, but i still miss that UFO. As things stand today, i have to do a stage 0 maintenance and on top of that i already had brake hard lines replaced as the old ones cracked and leaked, which cost me 100€. Yesterday i snapped left drive shaft, i ordered both from J&R, 116€ delivered, they should arrive on wdnesday. Last week i changed oil, oil and air filters. Tried to change fuel filter, but i could not loosen it, so i let it be for time being. Thing that await me in near future are clutch, timing belt, rear muffler, summer tires and some minor stuff. About future upgrades i want to start with basic stuff, LED H4 bulbs, short throw shifter, shifter poly bushes, rear sway bar, higher performance brake pads and rotors, braided brake lines, maybe also clutch line, high performance smer tires and if i will have spare cash also some nicer alloys and leave OE alloys for winter. When all of this will be done i would consider coilovers, but if i get a good offer before that, i might as well change the order. Another thing i am considering is getting integra stainless cat back, which could i get for around 250 and tweak it to fit, but i am afraid it would require too much work and in the end would not be worth it. Considering replacement OE spec rear section costs around 130... If i forgot something i wanted to say, i will add it later. Thanks for reading and bearing with me.
  14. Suspension and chasis bracing from other car models

    Sad news today... After losing almost all stiffness in brake pedal and parking brake warning light coming on during driving i checked brake fluid level. Almost empty... Well thats weird, better go to garage nearby, lift the car and see whats the problem. All calipers and hoses without leakage. Thats not good, it means, that something else, more expensive and harder to replace is leaking... after a while we found rusty brake tube that runs to rear brakes under the car. The technician said right away, that he does not have enough experience doing brakes to take the job. Right now i am trying to find some place that is willing to do it for reasonable price. One place told me, that they can try, but the can not guarantee that they will be able to losen those lines and replace them. Since I saw the state of the undercarriage, i know it will be a bitch of a job to do... On another note, when i started this thread, i think i forgot to say, that i am also interested in H-brace from integra, but i was not able to find any info on that even after reading compatibility list and some other threads on various pages. Wish me luck with the brakes. I will post back as soon as i will have any more info. EDIT: the words i was looking for was "hard lines" i just could not remember the correct term before. Also, found some place that can fabricate new hard lines pretty cheap, about 6eur pre meter, but i have to bring them old lines as template.