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Steering tie rod


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does anyone knows if the inner tie rod for a eg would work on a mc2? If I look at the drawings of the mc2, you can't buy them apart. 

should these work? 


And should these work for the steering rack? You only need this or new collars also?

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Eg/dc2/ek tie rods don't fit. I've found the oem partnumber(53010SR3010) and ordered the right one on Autodoc.com. Ours are with an M14 thread and the other ones are with an M12 thread. 

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Hi there hope everyonwe is safe, i have a question in the inner tie rod in my 1997 MB3.

Is it possible to change the inner or only the outer in MB?

Does anyone know for sure wich o empart number is?

I already taked the boot off to look and i see a tiny hole in the rack/inner tie rod, but i cant figure out if its removable or not :(

thanks in advance and take care 

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I'm doing this job now. Still waiting on delivery of the parts.

They come off but have no flats to get a spanner on. 

So either a tie rod removal tool needed. Or a set or stilsons. Maybe pipe grips.

The OEM part is staked to secure it. But in my case broke free easily.

I've had trouble buying from eBay as wrong part listed. On my car its M14 x1.5 thread both ends. 

Can find the part on eBay search for: btr5239.

Altho double check compatibility with your car.

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Yeah i already bought a inner removal tool from ebay, the ones that your screw in and connect to any 3/8 drive, look like an exhaust pipe clamp type of thing.

I also find parts in autodoc but all M12x1.25 on the rack side, i would prefer to buy from autodoc or similar site  because they have warranty for 100 days no questions asked so i will try to ask them if they have those.

How can i check the compatibility for my car? any way of measure it only removing the dust boot?


I see some number in my inner tie rod, look like date of manufacturer, 2d09d97

my rack has a number too its 3400961LH or 34009961 LH is yours the same?

Also the outer tie rod says ST3 on top

What do you mean by stacked? mine has a hole in the rack but has nothing inside the hole i would have though its for a pin but none is there its just an empty hole that goes trough the rack/tie rod.


Thanks for the help much appreciated.


Be safe 

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gotta write other info
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ST3 is the code for OEM parts for these cars.

By staked I mean there will be a punch mark on the inner rod to discourage it from spinning loose. (Similar to how you would punch a drive shaft nut to stop it spinning)

Can you take yours off to confirm diameter or you need to keep car on the road?


I baught some previously. M12 inner thread. As that was the recommended part for my reg.


On inspection mine are M14 both ends.


So had to buy another set. Which were actually advertised for rover 45/mg zs.


Sorry I can't be any more help. 

Do t want to tell you it's one size when it might be another. Seems a grey area on these inner rack ends.





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