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Vti-s Turbo project


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On 3/18/2019 at 7:27 PM, dr_broon said:

Good stuff Jake, what was the issue with the starting in the end? 

It was a bad earth. 

At first I didn't suspect that because the fuel pump wasn't running aswell as not tuning over.  Turns out that if the ground to the gearbox is bad is plays havoc with all sorts. 

Before I rang Hamilton Palmer about the alarm thaught I best do some basic trouble shooting. 

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The valves probably want tweaking. And possibly a little piston slap. Which unfortunately is common when fitting forged pistons. As they tend to expand more than cast pistons. The piston/wall clearance is larger than stock until warmed up.

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Minor updates. It's coming together. So little time to spend on it.

Managed to find a leather Interior. It's in great nic except dirty. So cleaned it all up and restored the leather. Loving it. Really feels nice inside now. The door cards are mint no bagging at all. Unfortunately a few little bits needed to make fit properly. Need some rear latches and the rear seatbelts from prefacelift. On the hunt for them.





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After sitting so longRear brakes were in a bad way. I don't think they were in great shape when I baught it tbh. Pads rusted Into the carrier etc. Luckily the caliper piston and hardbrake arm are free.

Cleaned everything up. And replaced the disc and pads. Will Paint the caliperbtok at somepoint. Ran out of time. 



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