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Ok, when parked up, how long does your battery stay charged in your Civic M? Let us know below! Also include whether you have an after market alarm turned on or not too.

Know these cars seem to not like being left parked up with the battery connected for long periods of time, but looking to see what the average park up period is on them before the battery goes flat. And is it just a myth that it is the little clock in the dash that drains it?


Use template below (copy/paste)


Battery lasts:

Alarm on?:

Any extra info:

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Mine lasts 2 weeks ish. Has factory Hamilton Palmer alarm.

And occasionally turn ignition on to wind window down for pushing it about etc.

Ended up just getting a batter conditioner. And leaving it plugged in all the time.

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Can't really add much, as it's been so long since I drove mine, but I've only had a flat battery a couple of times and I think it's always been when the battery's been on the way out. 

I've also got the Hamilton and palmer alarm (need to swap that over to tubs 2.0...), but have not had the clock fitted for a long long time... 



About 10 years in fact. 

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