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Wow how she has changed! Lol I love seeing photos of DD and ruby when we first got them. All BOGO standard but mint! Still got DD'S original suspension and 14 inch alloys (god they look tiny!) Incase I want to put her back to OEM.

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Weeny update... Had a six monthly service, but with the added bonus of a k&n for the teg air box, and, courtesy of @10000rpm an aluminium radiator, slim fan and silicon hoses to sort out my coolant loss and to add some new part goodness :DDSC_0020.JPG


Also got a cheapo eBay intake tube to use as a feed for the air box instead of the temporary flexi bog waste pipe.



I've left part of the bog pipe in situ to act as a tunnel / shroud to try and protect it from wetness, as I've seen the mugen one has a shield. 



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so, summer is here (shut up, course it is) so it's time to ditch those winter tyres, which means trying to do something about the God awful rusting on my proper wheels. 

Some might remember the problems I had trying to clean off rusty brake dust.. Tried everything, scrubbing, t-cut, bilberry... All sorts to no avail.  A bit of a search online led me to something called iron-x.... Omg.. Works wonders! Is a clear liquid that you spray on, and then turns the rusty crap to purple, which then washes off.. One wheel took a few applications, and cleaned them all with bilberry at the end, but it properly sorted them out. 

Time for pics.. 




Dirty purple rusty juice... 




Some bits I'd missed with the first scrubbing... It was all like that at first.. 



Some more bits missed on the worst wheel... 




Gave them a treatment with some rim wax when it was all done... Feeling good 8-)


Here's what I used today.. Bilberry is in the spray bottle :)




also, wheels changed in record time of 20 mins... under pressure for tea :lol:


Pleased to say that all is nice and shiny again with no dodgy rust stuck in the laquer. 


Will take an on car pic tomorrow :D

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