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  1. kyekye09

    S1 JDM Nissan Stagea

    one of these will be my next purchase.. she looks awesome dude and im not in the least bit jealous lol
  2. kyekye09

    What other spoilers for Aerodeck?

    pmsl at how the tag team is going strong and tom i thought you had turned into an ex girlfriend no calls no love notes oh how ive missed the bannter
  3. kyekye09

    What other spoilers for Aerodeck?

    i thought you had stopped peeping on me tom
  4. kyekye09

    What other spoilers for Aerodeck?

    yeah this one has been a long time coming i kinda got bored and frustrated with constant let downs from engine builders bodyshops and just took on too much work to concentrate on what i enjoyed but ive near enough half my work load and now have a great engine builder to circum to my every need
  5. kyekye09

    What other spoilers for Aerodeck?

    yeah just keep an eye out for a future build thread
  6. kyekye09

    What other spoilers for Aerodeck?

    think im coming back in small stages (no short a*s jokes guys )
  7. kyekye09

    What other spoilers for Aerodeck?

    subaru impreza classic wagon accord wagon or i was going to try and retrofit an ep3 spoiler for a sort of mitsi legnum look
  8. kyekye09

    another M please

    the eco isn't going to give the claimed "59mpg" though
  9. kyekye09

    another M please

    anyone here have a diesel M ... what are the running costs like (average mpg would be good) any major probs just curious I know service cost and diesel itself are more expensive but at the mo im doing about 600 miles a week after the year it could rise with new position offered... im not really fussed with performance as you basically work with what you've got LOL that's what I tell the wife anyway....!!!!!! just as long as I can get it low........
  10. kyekye09

    another M please

    at the mo not a lot but around the 1200 to 1500 but it has to be clean
  11. kyekye09

    another M please

    you know me dave.... id prefer a deck but a hatch is not out of the question I don't want to say right lets get a deck and then a really clean hatch passes me by think we are in the same boat buddy I have enough for the car but nothing in the way for insurance or repairs if needed ....
  12. kyekye09

    another M please

    yeah bud..... im gonna take a long slow look and hope to get something really clean fingers crossed
  13. kyekye09

    Seat rails

    ive got a set made by james they are drilled for sparco seats make me an offer
  14. kyekye09

    another M please

    you wouldn't want to choke the b18 up now would you.... a little heavy loud pedal action is a must .. im thinking more maintenance and servicing sort of care as I know mine was always serviced every 10k
  15. kyekye09

    another M please

    thought id try here firt as members tend to take a little more care with there M's