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  1. Cheers guys. Looking like the gas axe will need firing up!
  2. I’m guilty of doing nothing to my deck for ages! So no surprise that it’s failed MOT on off side lower front ball joint. I just happened to notice a 1.6 Aerodeck in the local scrap yard. Rather than have my 1.8vti deck off the road for a day or so, while I struggle like hell to bash out/press out the lower ball joint, I plan to remove the whole hub assy off the 1.6 and put it on my 1.8vti. Anyone know if this would work, would the hub splines be the same on the 1.6 as the 1.8vti? The wheel bearing and joint look quite good on the scrap 1.6. Any help appreciated, as time and money are sparse at the mo!
  3. I think it's a good time at the moment to pick up parts for these cars. Shame it won't last for ever.
  4. Nice looking car. It's such a shame they don't seem to fetch much money these days. They will have there day again in the future, looking on ebay at cars that used to be worth 300 quid 15 years ago, they are now fetching 3 grand!
  5. What have you been feeding it! Could be escargot pate all round when it eventually finds the heater fan
  6. I know they are not fun jobs, but do make a difference. You're right about the weather, slightly warmer temperature might stop the plastic clips from snapping too, few of mine went ping!
  7. Had some time off work recently, so managed to solve a few problems. Bought some tail gate struts off the internet, only about £20 for the pair if I remember correctly. It looks like you can pay a lot more for these if you wanted to. The second hand ones I bought lasted about a week. Heater resistor pack bought from Ebay replacement ceramic type. Bit of fiddly soldering to do. Instructions fairly easy and straight forward to use. Best to read them first, as I later found, as the resistor value is marked on the individual bags that each resistor comes in, and not on the resistor it’s self. Quick test on the multimeter sorted each value out; largest resistance value is slowest speed etc. Bit larger than original assembly, but slotted in the air duct without too much difficulty. All speeds work fine. I have to mention that there did seem to be a bit of a burning plastic smell just at first on the lower settings, as they do get very hot. Further inspection reviled that there was nothing untoward happening, and the smell has since stopped, must have been the fact that they were new. Latest job that really needed to be addressed was a rather bad leak in the passenger side foot well. Water appeared to be entering the heater fan ducting and on bad days, if you put the fan on, water was spraying into the foot well like a shower. This resulted in a very steamed up car, with very poor visibility when setting off to work first thing in the morning. Long term, don’t know if this will work, but where the old gasket used to be on the plastic scuttle panel, I applied some bathroom mastic on all contacting surfaces before re-fitting (only thing left in the garden shed that hadn’t gone off, big throwing out session of about 6 tubes of stuff). Just a clean out of all the compost under that area must have helped, must have been a trowel full of mud sticks and leaves. So far so good, carpet in passenger foot well seems dry.
  8. Wondered when you'd pick up on that Doesn't take me long! That's what she said! Who? Your mum or was it your sister? Can't tell them apart. My mother said she didn't feel a thing, my "sister" I'm sorry to say was actually my brother! Belated April fools dude! You guys are tapped
  9. Shame you had to break it looks like you had lavished some time and money on that one. Engine bay looks really clean. Certainly not many in our local scrap yard at all, means I'm struggling for second hand parts.
  10. That’s good to know, you see them advertised for silly money on the net!
  11. Really involed this, i could learn something here!!
  12. Very well detailed Civic, possibly only upstaged by some of that breathtaking scenery!
  13. Very nice indeed, the interior of any car project is probably the most expensive and hard to get right. That looks really smart!!
  14. At the moment this generation of civic are such good value, let alone a vtis, a properly manufactured car for this type of money. If I had the room i would buy more of them!
  15. The vtis looks a really good spec. I've not really read up on these (are they 2 litre). Love that colour too!!! Mines a 1.8, but I like the idea of a 2.0.
  16. Cheers for the info, I will continue to view everyones projects on here and hopefully get some ideas. Another thing I will have to do again is sort out the tailgate struts. Found some second hand ones the same length which worked for a while, but tail gate now lands on my head again!!
  17. Looking at the posts in this section, there are some very brilliant and extravagant projects and builds happening. However, I thought I would post some more mundane day to day running and goings on with my areodeck. Stuff that you will all have done, or be aware of; I hope I’m not going to bore you too much. Money is tight, so I’m taking time to find second hand parts going fairly cheep. So far I have found a luggage blind as mine was missing. Replaced the battery (£70 in Halfords!!), so it now has the battery out of my MK2 Cortina, very small battery tray in the Civic and most other batteries don’t fit. And replaced the bulb in the clock, I just missed seeing the time when driving at night for some reason. I’m pleased to say that my car now sports a pair of these (headlight washers). Found on the net for the princely some of £10. A mega expensive part from Honda I am lead to believe. The to do list will continue to grow I’m sure, but currently comprises of; Heater resistor pack, speeds 1 &2 gone; Fog lights, these have nearly rotted away, hard to see what they really used to look like now; Sticking rear calipers, have bought some second hand ones off the net, hoping to free them off. I really must check if the cam belt has been done!!!!! Just clocked up 79000 recently.
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