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  1. h4mza

    4-1 manifold for MB6

    After a 4-1 manifold for B18C4 upto £50ish as can get them for £100 from Toyosports
  2. h4mza

    Wanted: Clean Standard MB6 VTi-S

    Bump still not found one, where have all VTi-S gone lol
  3. h4mza

    Wanted: Clean Standard MB6 VTi-S

    Hi all I'm quite an old member not been on here for ages but now fancy another MB6 preferably one with minimal to no mods and must be clean. Please text me on 079555533878.
  4. h4mza

    Possibly sell my full B18C4 swap

    Funny you mentioned shafttech as the mechanic I went to calls himself Shaftec. Google Shaftec Bradford and you'll see he's quite well known but just likes to remain private as he doesn't have a large unit. Unfortunately I do not have invoices of the parts used as the mechanic supplied the parts himself. He had few other cars he was working on too so I guess he had few spare parts or just bulk buys them. It was £500 for the work including parts supplied but I had to buy driveshaft and timing belt myself since he didn't have one. I've got paperwork of this though. I must have one or two pics of the car with the head opened, this was when I went to give him half a deposit and check on the car with my mate. He mentioned something about polishing the cylinders as they were scratched and also the intake manifold gasket was ripped.
  5. Just seeing if anyone is interested in my engine since I won't be driving my MB6 anymore so I'd rather break it. B18C4 covered around 124k. Was rebuilt 700 miles ago costing me £600. Runs mint. No smoke. Oil changed 200 miles ago. Only tested VTEC in these last 200 miles and it pulls well. Oil is still golden and same level as it was 200 miles ago. Previously it was using too much oil, around 4litres per 1000 miles. I can't really say whether it still uses oil or not as I've only driven it on VTEC in the last 200 miles. In the first 500 miles after rebuild, I drove it steady under 3k revs. The rebuild was carried out by a private independent mechanic. I'm not exactly sure what it consisted of as I got a friend to take the car to him and do it since he is private. He stated whole work is worth £1100 mentioning something about Spoon head gasket but I paid £500 plus £60 for timing belt and £35 for new driveshaft. The gearbox is good and doesn't crunch on third like many others. It crunches on reverse however but only if shifted fast. Do it slowly and it doesn't crunch. The engine will however require to be removed by yourself as it is still on the car and I don't have the tools or knowledge to do it myself. The car still starts so engine can be heard running. I'm looking for £850 for full conversion which I feel is fair price considering I've just spent nearly £600 on it and it now runs better than ever. As said, POSSIBLY not DEFINATELY so I'm in two minds if I want to sell the engine. If it doesn't go for £850 then I'll save it for my next build. Posted here instead of Facebook so fellow M owners may show genuine interest. Had too many time wasters on Facebook.
  6. h4mza

    Straight through exhaust system Decat

    Really interested in this, will you post?
  7. h4mza

    VTi-S side skirts and rear lip

    These are sold long time ago sorry
  8. h4mza

    Hamza's Fabia VRS

    Here’s my new daily Fabia VRS, bought it totally standard apart from stage 1 remap to 180bhp. Surprisingly great on fuel, I only put tenner a week and manage 120 miles before reserve light comes on but still have another 60 miles left. It has covered 142k and still on original turbo which is running sweet as nut. Although I’m more of a Jap person but I do rate these little cars. Some pictures. Hoping to make it like this.
  9. h4mza

    Stock B18C4 manifold wanted

    Any one got a stock B18C4 manifold they don't need or want to get rid cheap as chips as my Japspeed one has started blowing and I was already saving up for a decent one anyway but not there yet so need a cheapo stock manifold for the time being. Can someone help please? Thanks
  10. VTi-S side skirts and rear lip in silver for sale. Front lip not available sorry. £50 for both or £30 for rear lip and £20 for side skirts if you want splitting. Collection from Keighley, West Yorkshire.
  11. h4mza

    Wanted: MB6 VTi-S

    I'm looking to buy another MB6, preferably an VTi-S as I love these cars and plan to keep one for a while. I would like one that is clean with no rust, under 100k mileage if possible and most importantly strong engine with no smoke as my old one was smoking it tits off (4L per 1k miles) and had to take it off road then realised it needs more work than expected and it was cheaper to buy another one but I only want an VTi-S. I would love to buy one off a forum member seeing it would be well looked after. Prefer a standard one so I can do it up myself but doubt anyone here leaves their's standard lol so don't mind a few mods. I've got a budget of £1500 but seeing I'm quite crazy for these, I may stretch a little for a decent one.
  12. h4mza

    Koni STR.T suspension set up - SOLD

    Haha good to see you on the forum mate, yeah VTi-S kit looks 10x better when fitted, I used to get so much attention before I took it off to sell, least still got my MB6. Get some pics up on build section for everyone to see.
  13. SOLD Koni STR.T full suspension set up removed from my MB6. Would like £150 ono collected from Keighley, West Yorkshire. See attachment to see how low it sits on MB6.
  14. Very nice deck Ammar, I'm not a big fan of estate cars, too young for them yet but you have done up yours nicely.