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  1. honda_sam

    my aerodeck

    Im hoping to pick it up today from mapping been on holiday for a week so hopeing its done so i can take her for a blast tonight
  2. honda_sam

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    My daily is a 330d at the minute running around 270bhp
  3. honda_sam

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    Moneys there to be spent lol it does cost alot no matter what routes you take but deffo worth it. Im wanting to hopefully get no less than 350bhp uprated turbo , intercooler and pipes etc so costing me a little more rc engeneering injectors and that but really cant wait untill its on the road
  4. honda_sam

    Aerodeck bits

    don't suppose you've got a mid spoiler have you and inner drivers side window seal?
  5. honda_sam

    Dogg1210 vti-s

    nice car mate looks clean turbo kit is a must in process of turboing the aerodeck can recommend race - tech motorsport in Sheffield know a few lads there and they defiantly know what they are on with.
  6. im after a inner drivers side window seal if any one has one
  7. honda_sam

    my aerodeck

    well this is my red aerodeck which will soon be a b18c4 turbo hoping for 350 bhp