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    I use my car for the occasional road rally, when I've got any money

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  1. Hi, just wondering if mb3 and 6 shocks and springs are the same? As in height rate etc
  2. Sorry for the late revival..... I've Got a rally mb too. No air pics yet. Does go sideways. Any more info on the yellow 6?
  3. Hi all got an opportunity to buy a gearbox from a 99 U.K. Dc2. just wondering would this have the 4.7 fd and lsd?
  4. when popping the shafts, do you undo the lower arm? or top?
  5. Could just be a ratle on the exhaust, check heat shields
  6. Got so far, just stuck on the gear linkage box end, seems to be a pin holding it
  7. hi all, is there any advide on removing the gearbox? i need to change clutch and flywheel
  8. Hi all, how much is a full hub conversion worth with hand break cables etc
  9. hi all, im runnign my brake lines inside the car (for hydraulic handbrake) so replacing all brake lines through out and doing away with ABS. my question is, does anyone know which of the outlet brake pipes from the master cylinder go to the front and which do the rear?
  10. been trying to find a roll cage, not having any luck, but might know a company in west wales who can make a cage
  11. hi all, just doing some research, is the civic ek9 4 door the same chassi as the mb?
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