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Hi new to the forum, picked up this mb6 totally standard apart from coilover a month ago and since then I've added an omp wheel and quick release, new carpets, added an aem induction kit, aluminium rad and red coolant hoses, decat, custom spark plug cover,bonnet raisers and few wee tidy up bits, I've owned a few hondas before this, had am ej6 civic coupe with a b18c4 conversion and also owned an accord type r, but its quite a clean mb6 so don't want to do to much to it or anything done it can be put back, but interested in probably one of the most asked questions of making the custom projector headlights? And looking a nice set of alloys, recommendations? Thanks











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Welcome mate! That's a really sweet looking mb6 you've got, really looks clean! Reminds me of the MB6 I had (for a very long time!) called Ruby. Same colour as yours, and one of my fav colours on them.



Mine was standard when bought too (only Honda dealership then an old guy had owned it and 33K on the clock) and spent years getting it how I wanted. Still going strong and owned by another forum member now! Miss that car soo much! lol


Looking forward to see where you go with this one bud!

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1 hour ago, Steviemb6 said:

Mate that rocker cover is unreal

Thanks mate. Took a lot of work as I machined the cover smooth so all the seams were gone, then metal polished all the bits I wanted chrome, then masked and resprayed it in the same colour as the car (sicillian red mica). Took forever to get it right but was well worth it! She still has that rocker cover even now, and I sold her over two years ago! 8-) The member I sold her too has also spent a lot of time and money on her since then as he's as OCD about her as I was so all's good in Ruby's world lol

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