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Q= What Civic M' have I got?
A= https://civic5.com/forum/main-pages/civic-5-door-and-aerodeck-chassis-codes/

Q= My cars heater only works on certain speeds, or not at all?
A= The heater resistor pack has blown. See here for how to replace it >>> Click here


Q= What is the wheel offset of the MB6 and other M's?
A= http://www.civic5.com/wheel-info.php

Q= Does a decat make any difference and where can I get one?
A= Yes, a decat will make slight a difference in power. Available from various places such as Ebay

Q= What tyre should I get for my M?
A= All depends on the model/wheel size you have, and if it's lowered.
14" wheels 185x60 14
15" wheels 195x55 15
16" wheels 195x50 16
17" wheels 195x40 17

Q= I have an MA8/MA9 civic (pre-facelift models) Are the MB body panels the same?
A= No. The MA civic 5 doors have the grill built into the front bumper. So body parts that are different are as follows
Front bumper
Front wings
Rear bumper
Rear lights

Q= What oil should I use in my civic?
A= Honda recommend Castrol 10w40, however any make will be fine. You can also use 5w40 if you want to, but its a bit thinner.

Q= How much oil does my engine take?
A= Single cam engines take approx 3.2 - 3.4 litres, twin cam engines take 3.7 - 4.0 when you change the oil filter at the same time.

Q= How often should I service my 'M'?
A= Cars registered before July 1998, need a service every 6 months/6000 miles. Cars registered after July 1998 need a service every 1 year/9000 miles. (service schedules to follow.. ;) )

Q= I am buying an m civic, what should i look out for?
A= http://civic5.com/hondacivicbuyersguide.php

Q= What are the most common mods done on our m civic's

A= Engine coolant bypass (FREE :? PPPOOOWWWEEERRRRRRRR!!!!)
A=Dash board cluster (speedo/rev Guages) brighten up
A=JDM brake light’s mod
A=Headlight mod (de-tango)
A=Aftermarket front fogs
A=Rear anti-roll bar upgrade (MGZS)

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