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1.8 Aerodeck from Finland (10 years of ownership)


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Tdex kesällä.jpg



1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck B18C4

- Koni Sportkit -35mm and adjustable stiffness
- Sportline lipkit
- 16†Zero ZE04-rims with 205/45 Falken-tyres
- for the winter 15†League 273’s with 195/55 Continentals
- Tinted windows
- Custom headlights
- Custom grille
- Red brake calipers up front
- De-badged
- Removed the headlight washers
- Indiglo dials from Moman
- Mugen pedals
- Tenzo-R shift knob
- Simoni Racing floor mats

Greetings from the north, this is my second aerodeck. My first car was a MB8 that i bought in July 2008 but in march 2009 i couldn't resist anymore, took a loan and got myself the car that i had wanted in the first place, the MC2. It wasn't in the best possible condition when i got it and still needs lots of work, but slowly and surely it's starting to turn into what i hope one day will be the lowest, fastest and baddest Aerodeck in Finland.

I just got my winter rims from Alloywheels.com and got them installed, i'll post pictures of the new look soon. I have lots planned for my deck... i'll keep you updated on the progress.

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welcome to the forum mate :D

Lovely looking motor you've got there, how much has it been lowered by, i'd love to have my deck around that ride height?



The Koni sport kit lowers the car 35mm. Comes also with adjustable shock absorbers, pretty handy except for when adjusting the rear, you have to dismantle the interior a bit. My car came with this kit when i bought it, it's seen action for 6 years now and i'll probably get a new kit with adjustable ride height this winter. I want to get that nose to hug the tarmac! :D

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