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Update time again! Ok, got the rust treatment all completed on the passenger side rear, all painted with red oxide then on with the underseal. Did the suspension parts too, all rust treated and painted with red oxide then the satin black paint. Looking really nice!



Just got the new abs sensor wire to fix in place and she's ready to get the wheels back on. The rear mudflap and plastic inner arch are all bolted back in place now since the photo was taken. 

On the ABS, I think I've finally cured it! In the engine bay pass side theres a little black box for ABS that has a satndard fuse and a weird square one in it. Took out the blade fuse and noticed it was covered in grease, including the socket it goes into. Probably done to stop terminals corroding? I wasn't sure grease would be a conductor of electricity so got a replacement fuse and then cleaned out the fuse socket with cotton buds/wd40. Fitted fuse and light has been behaving ever since!

So, bit the bullet and got her booked in for MOT a week on Monday coming. Gives me time to get the engine bay cleaned up (it's not bad actually but like her looking her best) then get her washed, clayed, mopped and waxed so she looks top banana! Know theres still a knock at the front but will get them to investigate it/replace what needs replaced at the MOT. Just looking forward to her being on the road again!

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lol Fingers still crossed and jury still out on the ABS fault 😀 Abs sensor wires all tied up tidy and she's now off the axle stands and back on her feet! Was gonna test last night but battery is flat!:Facepalm1:

Have had it on charge overnight so will test today!. Just gonna get her on the car ramps outside now and get the gunk  out to clean her up underneath at the front/engine bay. Oh, and need to get a set of new front wipers as those are shot. But think that's her ready bar the obligatory wash and wax!

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