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On 9/10/2023 at 3:31 PM, dr_broon said:


Just wondering how this held up mate? 

Still looks not too bad mate, although can see the water marks on the plastic sill covers again. I'm going to fit her VTiS ones so won't have that problem much longer lol.

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Soooo, after seeing @Roverjoe latest update on the work he's done to his Civic, got me motivated to get back under DD to press on with the rust treatment!


Drivers side rear area now completed, it was onto the Spare wheel well. Saw a few scabs and was thinking the worst but after getting the grinder with flappy disc into it along with the wire wheel on my drill, was again pleased to find it ws only surface rust again. nice clean metal underneath!

Rear_rust treatment in progress1.jpg


After grinding and wire wheel....

Rear_rust treatment in progress2.jpg


On with the rust inhibitor (I tidied up the lower control arms too and any other areas round about that had signs of rust)..

Rear_rust treatment in progress2B.jpg


Once everything had dried for a few days, gave the whole underside of the boot floor a good coat of red oxide paint, just to act as another layer of protection before the fresh underseal goes on.

Rear_rust treatment in progress3.jpg


This is the rust treatment stuff I'm using.

the treatment stuff.jpg


Next I'll get the undersealing done then move onto the pass side rear arch and get that all done. Thinking it's better doing in completed stages instead of leaving the metal bare. Deffo looking a lot better so far!Still got the pesky ABS issue to sort out too, but that's future Dave's problem!

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Today's update on the rust treatment. Got the whole rear into its first coat of underseal, boot floor and surrounding areas looking much tidier now

Rear_rust treatment in progress5.jpg


Got it right up into the rear corners roo and in behind the rear bumper so she's well protected. Deffo going to give her another coat though, but my neck was sore from doing this yesterday so had to give it a miss today. Next, i'll get the lower suspension arms done in satin black then move onto the nearside Rear arch and suspension, got it all buffed dow, rust treated, undersealed and painted. Then just the ABS sensor to refit and troubleshoot and fit the VTiS side skirts. Should be ready for the mot after that.

Rear_rust treatment in progress4.jpg

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Have now finished apart from the pass side wheel arch. Got the abs sensor all fited back in and her back on the ground. Unfortunately, needing the garage to fix the MINI now! lol Rear wheel bearing is shot so now the mini is up on stands.

On a positive note, when I moved DD into the car port, I had a brain fart moment! ABS light is still on, so deffo thinking wiring fault. Then I thought, hmm, who's to say the faults actually at the rear? So popped the bonnet, and gave the connector that goes into the abs unit a good poke about/wiggle. Started her up, ABS light went off! Started her another 2 times and same, light going off as it should. 3rd start up, stuck on again lol. least i think I'm in the right area now with the fault so once i get the mini done, I'll get her back in the garage to check out the big connector on the abs unit.

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