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Hello lads!! Been away on hols for a week or so!! Now i'm back i cant wait to get in the old girl and give her a seeing to!!!

Little boxes came for me recently...  

I was a bit dubious about sanding the colour too but aslong as you get a good few colour coats down, then as grant said 1500 wet n dry (keep it really wet! Very VERY lightly rub over just to A. Get a

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Ok, so as posted in the wrong thread... :roll:... I’ll post them up here as well.


first wash since back on the road, good few months of grime to deal with. Ignoring the bodywork it comes up alright...











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Quick question for you, well 2 part question... in neutral foot off clutch it makes a horrific rough cluttery noise, apply clutch and noise goes... that’s the clutch bearing isn’t it?


also there was a trader on here a while ago selling decent clutch kits at a good price, is he still about does anyone know? Can’t find the traders area on the forum :wacko:

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Could be or could be box. Does it drive ok and no noise when ya driving?

Does noise go away at slightest touch of clutch pedal or only when completely depressed?

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