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  1. Thanks mate. The Aerodeck is a beautiful drive and sounds the nuts on vtec handling & performance is very very good considering the weight it's pulling.
  2. Thanks mate. The turbo is rated 475bhp but I am thinking of limiting it at 350 ish bhp but we shall see when the time comes. Main thing is temps will be a lot lower with the new setup last turbo was maxxed out.
  3. Thanks chaps. To be honest Dave the Aerodeck EG off roader hardly get driven is200 is more the daily. Ep3 I am gonna break & the teg I was gonna sell as a complete car but also decided to break this. Still want to change a couple things on the EG but it won't be any time soon just don't have the time anymore
  4. Time for a update I did have alot more pictures but lost everything on my phone so these will have to do Garret GT2871R turbo by owen developments New Downpipe New 5 bolt elbow Intercooler pipes from cold side redone Speedfactory 4 bar map sensor Apexi AVCR Custom stainless manifold ( waited almost 8 weeks for this ) Ktuned s2000 speedo box Mapping still needs to be when this will be done I have no idea but it wont be anytime soon Am sure I have missed a few bits. Pictures Bit of Tig welding (first time user ) As mentioned in my last post I have more then 1 project going here goes The Is200 following done Full Respray Stainless manifold Decat Exhaust system Lsd 18" aero alloys Lowered Rear roof spoiler Wind deflectors Engine dress up parts Double din head unit How it looked when I got it How it looks now Mitsubishi pajero 2.8 ( The off roader ) Following done Color coded 3" lift 35" tyres Roof Light bar Bullbar light bar Side lights Rear lights Rough country shocks Rear springs Bull bars Wind Deflectors Bonnet Visor Roof Visor Skid plate Headlights Rock sliders How it looked when I got it How it looks now The Collection
  5. New updates on this coming very soon. Got to many projects going on need to stop lol
  6. May be worth getting a set of mounts depending on mileage/usage. If it rocks quite a fair bit with handbrake on, it is pointing towards the rear engine mount as long as your torque mounts are in good condition.
  7. Hi, you should not have a problem with the A/C. You should only need a adjustable decat with 2.5" flange , keeping in mind the tri-y manifolds are quite a fair bit longer than your normal manifolds. The runners going down are also longer resulting in the manifold to hang 3-4 cm lower than the sump, just something to take in to consideration if the car is lowered.
  8. 100% agree with kink here. I am running a T28 which is on full boost at 3k and have never had any oil heating issues. oil temp gauge is all you need unless it is being tracked. Look at your cooling system as that will no doubt need uprating/looking at. The oil cooler should be a thermostatic type too, otherwise it acts like an open system dropping oil pressure. looking forward to the build
  9. Wont get power down no which is why I will be using a apexi AVCR and have boost by gear setup end result will be it will get power down with no issues. Still no time to fit this.
  10. Looking good mate. I have a very nice genuine charge speed carbon bonnet if your interested its in very good condition
  11. The new turbo is a Garret GT2871R turbo I still havent had chance to fit it yet. I have changed a few things on the car but just no time to update the build thread lol. It should see good gains with the new turbo as I have seen some running over 400bhp but I will be having it mapped to about 350bhp on high boost low boost will be about 320 ish. Anything more then 350 it will just have problems getting traction even at that it will probably struggle. It should be fun at that power as a DD
  12. 10000rpm


    Just a heads up for you people this car isn't as described engine is smoking it's tits off even out of vtec seller admitted he only had the car to abuse. Complete utter waste of time. Shame people can't be honest in the description. Box also has no s80 tags on these have been removed for some reason. http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/honda-civic-mb6-vtis-estate-not-type-r-ep3-dc2-integra-crx-vti-ek-s2000-eg-eg6-ee9-k20/1124803759 If this is in the wrong section please can a mod/admin move to right section Thanks
  13. Hi, the green circle is a very common failure point on this generation. I'm afraid you won't be able to repair that.
  14. You could always do one final test, if you can find someone with a combustion leak tester and test your coolant for exhaust gases?
  15. @h4mza congrats bro, mash'ALLAH cars looking stunning.
  16. You need to check the rotor/screw has not damaged the sensor in the distributer. You normally get that code due to a damaged/bad sensor.
  17. Time for another update some new Goodies added Replaced the magnecor Ignition leads for some Spoon Ignition leads Changed the short shifter for a K-Tuned pro circuit shifter Apexi avcr fitted ( Getting it ready for the next re tune ) Decided to fit projectors Brand spanking new Garrett BB turbo. Still not fitted this but am hoping to fit it over the next few weeks when I get some free time. Also got Speed factory map sensor Black rad hose kit Comments welcome
  18. I have the white aerodeck which will be put back to stock and sold pm me if your interested
  19. Yeah it's a used part. Pm me for more details
  20. It will either be clutch slave cylinder or clutch master cylinder thats going bad. Clutch slave cylinder pull rubber boot back if it has fluid init then its bad Clutch master cylinder you will have to check in the car near the clutch pedel check for any fluid leaking near the rod These are quite common on Hondas I have these in stock give me a shout if you need anymore info
  21. The lexus is a nice drive using it as a daily at the moment but will be sold soon. Picked up another 2 MX5s which will also be for sale soon. Am also selling the white aerodeck if anyones interested pm me.
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