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  1. Managed to get the rest of the stuff fitted As am planning to run more power in the near future I thought I might as well fabricate a bigger downpipe while I had the old of Fabricating new Downpipe Also got a Moroso sump Moroso sump and downpipe fitted Time to replace the Victor X inlet Skunk2 ultra series street inlet & 70mm skunk2 thermal gasket Comments welcome
  2. That's exactly what I thought before buying it, also the resale value will still be good.
  3. The edelbrock I have fitted is a bit overkill for a small turbo. So we shall see what this ones like.S2 clocks has a converter box with it which you just wire in. The wheels are a Volk racing gold/bronze. Thanks for the comments
  4. Wont be able to make this one, got a big laminate flooring job to tackle at home over the weekend.
  5. Yes that's how they fit bud, it is sort of angled in to the larger side of the intake plenum.
  6. Time for another update Decided to change the color of the alloys to a different shade of bronze also got some carbon centre caps Some new goodies Skunk2 ultra street inlet Skunk2 T/B thermal gasket Skunk2 70mm T/B NRG boss kit NRG quick release NRG kit fitted More updates to follow
  7. Thanks for the comments guys. I was going to purchase a Climair sunroof deflector the other week and this popped up. So i got it bought straight away as these are rare to find. OEM Honda sunroof visor Also purchased a Cusco carbon front strut brace which i was after for a while, another Rare item now as it is discontinued. Also managed to fit the K-tuned shifter, what can i say the adjustment on the pivot is set to half way and the shift is shorer than any short shifter we have experienced. When i fitted it i kept checking if it was in gear thats how short the throw is. will upload pics later Will be sorting the decat out and fitting the moroso sump in the coming days.
  8. I have a plenty here mate will drop you a pm now
  9. LoL as you no you always find something to change upgrade with projects its never ending :-D Pictures to follow soon. I think its time for more Power :twisted:
  10. +1 on that info dude.Cars looking awesome with the 17's fitted. I have been using rainsport3's for around 5 months now and, cannot believe the grip in dry and wet. Chrome is good it's just they have not updated the software since release and everyone else is moving forward.
  11. I cut the flanges off and tig welded my own decats up, solid so no leaks at the slip joints. Sports cats for me personally are a waste of money. If you want to free that power, decat is the way forward. The only advantage of the sports cat is it can pass the emissions test for the MOT once really really hot.
  12. The flange design on that looks a lot better. I would personally buy that instead of welding it to the manifold.
  13. Hi Jim, I have had the same problem with three tegiwa decats. It's like the flange has been welded on at an angle and not straight.
  14. The car is dangerous as it is, 70mm drop, imagine what angle the driveshafts and other suspension components are at. Must handle s**te.
  15. Check your torque mounts too mate, had a couple like this.
  16. Quick fix is to raise the car. This is what happens when you lower the car too much.
  17. top job there mate looks the business on the inside. good luck with the business
  18. +1, apart from that looks like a good clean base.
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