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it's about bloody time, i got this started....

for those who don't know this is the history of the car --->http://www.civic5.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=7121

and as for the last currant post was this

don't worry i will, i'll start a new project thread next weekend.

on the 8 april 2012. it's taken me 8 month's to start it... :oops: :oops:

right. bought it from chris, but i think it was the worst kept secret on the forum :lol:

right photo's...







i don't seem to of have the best of luck with her at time's.

i had some twat rip the front lip off the car, but thank's to krzys for a replacement :D
i've had th rear number plate go missing in lincoln

but i've found that horrible rattle that chris couldn't find....
i'll get i picture of it tommorow, as it's in for mot. (it'll pass, one way or another.. :lol: ) now do i shove £20 note's under the brake line's... [smash.gif]

as a project, i didn't have any really direction to go with her. so i when i got it back to work, i did an oil change and enjoyed her for what she is.

as the most epic estate car of all time of course... :lol: many people took one look at it and laughted at it..... untill we went for a spin :lol: :lol: and then they under stood what it was all about.....

and with it having a towbar (rear chassis brace for the non believers [smash.gif] ) it's has it use's...
towbar mounted bike rack...
pulling trailer's....
well i didn't want all that crap in the boot.....

i've done a few bit's to it such as mud flap's from weetec. to help reduce the amount of shite up the side of the car...
and some sticker's WACK11111 WACK11111 and what not.

but i have got plan's for it though.... it has some thing to do with this....
and this...

that's all for now, i might up date this once/twice a year though...

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it's gonna be a slow old slog with this one, got a few idea's i'm looking in to, low boost charger, or compound turbo...

what i'm finding is lack of time, but doesn't every one have that?

:o Philgor's project thread. applause.gif1

Will look good with the kit on, as for the MOT, why not just test it yourself. ;)

too right,

it need's 2 sidelight bulb's for the front, only noticed the other day, but not bothered as i don't use side light's on the road....

and the advisory's are gonna consist of both front to rear brake line's....

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