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  1. Why have I only just seen your build thread!? Dude your MB is awesome! loving the Rota Slips, good choice. Seriously need to get my car machine polished like that & detailed.....everybody is putting me to shame.
  2. Thanks man! To be honest its quite hard to say as I had all the suspension / chassis upgrades done in one go. But I will say that I still haven't felt the need for the popular MG ZS Rear ARB upgrade, and I've pushed things pretty hard. I think its safe to say its definitely stiffened things up in the rear.
  3. LOL, I have a 2 year old son and a 5 Day old Daughter........don't worry, I have patience hahah
  4. Started doing this to mine a couple months back, What did you use to get the glue off??? Your Civic is looking an absolute beauty! Love it!
  5. Nice! One more reason I can never choose a favorite car from that era
  6. Thanks! I know, that was part of the dilemma knowing that although more expensive, an R32 would be a real investment where as the Supra isn't guaranteed to go up as they aren't as popular.
  7. Well that's the aim at least
  8. Hahah, I love my MB but I have always wanted a Mk3 Supra as I love 80's cars and they look friggin sexual! I have built and driven a few friends cars before. Originally I was thinking about an R32 GTR, but prices keep going up and I could have a buy a decent supra and do a load of mods for the same cost as a decent stock R32. So Plan is to get the MB to a nice state for my daily. They are fairly heavy as they are a GT tourer at the end of the day. But considering the power they can put down once modded, a little extra weight won't be such a bad thing Exactly...see you already know just what I'm planning. I know from research, speaking to the guys from Fensport and working on my friends that 400bhp is achievable without going crazy and that's on a stock block........but I don't want a stock block Wanna see 700 ideally, 700 from a 7m engine has a nice ring to it. Granted their turning circle is a bit w**k but I do own an Mb so it can't get too much worse haha. But as above really, it doesn't matter as the whole lot is going to be overhauled and upgraded anyway.
  9. Absolutely love crossover now! The looks you get when it comes on as your passing someone with an open window are hilarious. Need to get working on the exterior now as it could do with some much needed TLC. Same goes for the inside. So whats next on the list...... Re-fit rear lip, fix & paint front and rear bumpers, tidy up the rest of the body work and machine polish + detail. Fit 2 new headlight washers as the car wash ripped both mine off! Skunk2 double bend shifter, Skunk2 knob & genuine type r red stick shifter boot - (Purchased) Fit Tegiwa bee sting ariel - (purchased) Fit Honda Jazz washer jets (purchased) Fit Takata front tow strap and Tegiwa rear toe eye (purchased) Fit replacement rear lights (purchased) & find some clear or smoked side repeaters Buy and fit PERSONAL NEO GRINTA SUEDE steering wheel & Boss kit Buy & fit Custom Skunk2 Floor Mats Buy and Fit Cobra Daytona Seats Re-trim back seats, door cards and head lining in Black Suede + Fit a load of Dynamat while its all out. light tint for windows and rear lights Once that lot is done I'll look at some more power mods and getting the bay smoothed / tucked and some bits hydro dipped. Might have to save some cash though as I am seriously considering a weekend toy, something older with boost like this
  10. Ok, so as usual I haven't been on and updated things in ages A week of so after the last lot of work, I fitted my Tegiwa Whales C**k and went down to Cobra Sport Exhausts in Sheffield to have a full 2.5" stainless system built including a de-cat. Cobra Sport were absolutely awesome and the exhaust turned out exactly as I wanted / asked for right down to how it sounded. Can be nice and stealthy depending on throttle position and absolutely screams in VTEC, no annoying drone on the motorway either if you get it just right. Tegiwa Intake fitted Exhaust Also slapped a few stickers on and this little guy after a clean inside Short vid of a cold start and some gentle revs
  11. mb690

    Weetec... DC2

    This should be interesting Love a DC2!
  12. Problem is I want both! And I don't really have much need for either other than to be my daily and weekend toy.
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