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Found 119 results

  1. SpYk3

    Ma8 Wings

    Anyone breaking a Honda Civic like this one ?(prefacelift) I need the front wings,any colour. thanks
  2. Blackwolf

    Ben's ma8

    Hi eveyone thought it was about time I uploaded some pics of what I'm doing/done to my Ma. I going for a retro racer look so some things might be trial and error. What I've done so far: stripped most of the interior out stripped most the dash and behind the dash. sanded down and strip parts for painting.
  3. Blackwolf

    Ma8 boss kit

    Hi guys does anyone know if an ek boss kit would fit a ma8? cheers Ben
  4. Poor turnout as always @Chandler @dogg1210 @ickis86
  5. Hiya team, I've just inherited a lovely little MA9 1.5 here, and it still has the original speakers and pioneer head unit in it. Other half is keen on good tunes, and so I thought I had better do some upgrading. Looking around on various topics I see that Astra H type adaptor rings can be used to adapt the OEM 6in speakers to take some 6.5 ones. 2 questions: 1) Are these the adapters in question: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Astra-H-Corsa-D-Speaker-Adaptor-Rings-Front-Doors-6-5-165mm-SAK-1400-/370910867648 2) Has any body seen a how to guide to do this? Looking at the pictures of them I would imagine you'd need to flip them over to accommodate the large speaker facing into the cabin? All help much appreciated, Magnus
  6. mokus

    Driveshaft for D series

    Hi! I would like to order 3 sets of D series driveshafts from J&R, to help friends with order. One for D16y3 MA, other for 1.4s... all of them MA or MB. My question is, all of them the same? Same driveshafts fits for all M with D engine?
  7. Right, fingers on buzzers... Nominations are GO! Voting will start on Tuesday night so get them in quick.
  8. Wolfmother


    We all know how good these are and I'm reluctantly selling these as I'm moving out in March and need the money to buy some white goods and other boring sensible things...... All collars spin freely, just need a good clean before adjusting to get any dirt out the threads. Removed them back in November. Always kept them coated with ACF-50 to protect them. £375 cash on collection from CT20 area, will post via courier for an extra £20. Price includes full fitting kit, all nuts and bolts required to install, Meister c-spanners, Meister sticker pack and fitting guide (shows EK and EG civic but explains how to use the washers) PM me with any questions, thanks.
  9. RG9

    Axial rod to MA8......

    Well folks, I have a MA8 and I'm having trouble getting an axial The measurements I need are M14x1.5 on both sides and the only ones that the parts houses can get me is M12x1.5 Has anyone had this problem??? Just need a reference of the part that fit in my car Thanks for the Help guys Honda ...... The best machine of emotions that exists
  10. Okey dokie peeps... First one of the year. Roll up roll up and get your nominations in
  11. Here are our twelve COTM winners from 2016. Voting is now open for our Car of the Year 2016!! Good luck to you all folks! January - unicyclingtom February - Maë March - h4mza April 2016 - Hondasport May 2016 - Ammarbm June 2016 - VTi Vroom July - Dinochips August - DeLaSoul September - Phill1975 October - Chandler November - Gib36 December - Dr_Broon
  12. Time to vote for @powerofdreams @Daveor @dogg1210, coz mine has a wet seat belt and is scruffy as hell at the minute with scruffy winter wheels... thanks though @Chandler Still zooms though Will sort out the pics tomorrow when I'm not drunk
  13. Selling my Civic for spares or repairs Buy everything for £100 pounds (Starts but does not run - transmission) Got loads more pics. Loads to say feel free to ask me any question Location: Chiswick, West London. Can post but prefer pick up. 07429 253288 = Whatsapp or Text Mr_a@live.co.uk
  14. Breaking for spairs and repairs. Location West London Can post for fee Many many pics, and questions are welcome Contact Ashif. Text or whatsapp 07429 253288 or email me. Mr_A@live.co.uk
  15. Hello, I know alot of people running Meisterr coilovers and they are specific for civic MB6. I saw a thread of someone saying the ride height range from the meisterR crd are not that good if we want to drop like 3cm because the shocks are already 4 or 5 cm shorter thank stock. My question is, what is the max riding height ? Any pictures ? Arent meisterr suppose to have a close max rid height like stock since they are specific ? thanks
  16. dr_broon

    Civic m review

    Stumbled across this today http://www.rac.co.uk/drive/car-reviews/honda/civic/207658/
  17. civic96

    My MB1

    This is my first mb/ma honda, before this one i had an mint white ED6 civic which i unfortunately crashed.. it's an MB1 1.6iLS 1998 i've had it a little bit over a month and already love it! the way it drives and corners, just a well built car! if u have any ideas what to do to it to make it even more better looking then comment!
  18. Hi guys, So my gears started becoming harder to change lately, and there's been some strange whining noises in between certain gears. My mechanic has advised me that the Release bearing in the clutch might be the cause. So instead of changing the bearing, I'm thinking of getting a whole new clutch kit while I'm at it, and after some ebay and forum browsing I've seen alot of Brands such as the famous Exedy and other brands that I don't recognize such as CG Motorsports, Black diamond, and so on. I'm maybe considering getting a Competition stage 2 clutch since I'm always burning through my current (high revs) (also probably the cause of my current situation). So any of you guys have experience with clutches that can advise me on a good one to get?
  19. You heard the man... Get voting already... what are you lot waiting for @dogg1210 @powerofdreams @21cardo @JK1245 @Anthony @Chandler
  20. I would like to know if it will be possible to fit on the MB6 Hood and front bumper onto my MA8. I've noticed there are significantly more parts for the MB6, and then more there's the front lip that I think I wouldn't be able to put onto my MA8. I'm worries there might be conflict with the lights or other parts of the body. And that MB6 bumper is quite sexy. Pictured my white ma8, someone elses (who's probably here on civic5) mb6
  21. Selling My exhaust system. 2" straight through with decat to 2.25" stainless rear back box with a 4" slash cut burnt tip. Came off my MB4 1.6 Im looking for £80 but I am open to near offers. Any questions please dont hesitate to ask Cheers
  22. Rojer

    29k MB

    As promised I took a couple of photos yesterday of the car. It ticked onto the big 3-0 the other day so had to get a photo. The interior is so mint, never seen a gear knob in such good condition. Under the all weather mats it has basically brand new carpet mats all round. I keep finding all sorts as i dig around, like the original sales brochure. The body work is OK, would like to get the arch done at some point. The engine bay is clean, just dirty. I have never seen the lower part of the front panel NOT rusty on a Honda before so that was nice. I also treated myself yesterday to a new stereo, i had to very carefully remove the original head unit and install the new one. Very happy with the results. So onto plans moving forward, the brakes are terrible. I have new pads and discs all round, four new shocks as they are all shot and service parts. There could be an issue with the master cylinder so I have bought a replacement just incase. I am going to change the brake fluid and the pads and discs first and see how the pedal is after that. I would like to get a nice set of Work wheels and maybe some springs don't fancy Miesters again. Comments and thoughts welcome