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My PB MB9 Aerodeck! Engine rebuild in progress


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Right... fresh start with a new car! After having an accident in my MB3 quite recently, I have to get another car to take my mind of it. So my oleman decided to help me out on buying me another M! A week later I have found a 1998 Honda Civic Aerodeck MB9 in Pirates Black! Strangely this model doesn't have Air Conditioning? I saw it on Gumtree advertised for £385. It was cheap mainly because it had 158'000 miles on the clock (we all know this is nothing to a Honda) Even though it was 300 miles away, I was determined to buy that car!

Bad points:

The first thing I noticed was the rust on the rear arches, but I seen worst... Scratches all over, heavy scuffs around the bumpers, a very nasty deep dent on the rear panel, no rear door handle, a broken drivers side mirror and a broken aerial.

The bonnet catch has a mind of it's own (one minute it will shut, next minute it won't!) Petrol cap flap doesn't close and the door locks are dodgy at times.

Every interior air vent is broken, all door card cloths are stretched and SRS light is on.

What's it like to drive? Well it has a very sticky throttle, brakes don't seem that effective and one of the rear brakes binding (common) The rear trailing arm bushes need replacing and the clutch has a very high biting point. Also the revs go up and down on idle (probably the Idle air control valve)

So she had a hard life but I know I can replace every part on this car from my old Civic! Also with all these faults, I manged to knock £50 off as the seller didn't even know it had these faults. So I'm chuffed with that :)

Good points:

Eveything else works! Windows close properly and all 4 speeds on heaters work surprisingly! And it has a brand new OEM headlight!

It has more bottom end grunt than my MB3 (even though the MB3 has less miles and more mods)

Also the fuel economy is absolutely amazing! Filled the tank right up, done 360 miles and only used just over half a tank of fuel! :o

Anyway enough yapping, here's a few not so great pictures. I will get more up tomorrow!! :)




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Bit of a project you got there. That dent in the rear quarter looks easily removable with a suction cup dent puller. Soak the bonnet latch in wd40 and then move all parts and clean the gunk away and that will sort that as I had that problem on mine.

Good luck and hope this helps

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Looks tidy enough mate esp for a new project!!

All things seem reasonably fixable and easy to sort !

Very very cheap price too! :-) and of course, in the best colour :-)

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Thanks for your help @Aerodeckcivic :) I shall give it a go. I might be able to push the dent out from the inside. It's the paint what I'm more worried about :)


Cheers @Grant! It's all pretty much simple annoying little bits and pieces. After I swapped 90% of the stuff over from the old Civic, I got some real nice plans coming up ;)

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Silicon lube might help with the catch!

Looks alright in the pictures!

Symptoms with the revs you describe is hunting. Was it still doing it when you got back home? I think you said it had been stood for a whole before? If so it may sort itself out with some more use or there's a leak somewhere on the inlet side, vacuum pipe maybe? See how you get on first!

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Awesome mate.. That's the third best possible car for me after a vtis aerodeck and white 1.5 aerodeck lol :D

Really looking forward to your new project and every item you swap over from your mb3. Will be a great journey I believe :)

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It's.... quite a big list :lol: But first I will be fixing her up. Give it a week for the car to wake up a bit as it has been sat in the garden over a year (What Krzy said) But then it's just traveled over 300 miles so it's done pretty well! 



The List





MGZS dash inserts and air vents

VTi / VTi-S half leather interior and door cards 

MGZR gear knob

Black Magic steering wheel

Door speakers and rear speakers 

VTi door tweeters

Pioneer headunit 




VTi-S side skirts

Bottom window seals

Rear door handle

Drivers side mirror

Purple Beaks bar

Front lower tie bar


Engine bay:


Induction kit 

Purple rocker cover 

Resprayed brackets & mounts

D16Z6 exhaust manifold




Mmm.... I don't think I want to put those sleeves and EG springs on. They were one of the causes of the accident in my old Civic. So I will be getting springs specifically made for an MB.

Rear trailing arms will be swapped over because new bushes were recently fitted



Not everything is listed. This is most of the stuff which is coming off my MB3. Now here's my buying and modifying list :)



Full service using Mobil1 10w40 oil

Cambelt change and auxiliary belts   

Modify the original MB3 headlights which I kept as spare

Respray the spare grill in PB

Rear VTi-S lip (If I can get one!)

Mid boot spoiler (Again, going to be a hard find)

VTi or VTi-S front lip

Yellow fog lights 

JDM light mod all round 

Finish off respraying the Wolfrace alloys (not sure on colour now)

Try and make the MGZS back box fit

Custom made stainless steel center exhaust


Now, the big plan! I always wanted to do this!! Seeing as the engine in my MB3 still runs, I will be taking the engine out and rebuild the block. 

New piston rings, crank seals, all the gaskets, crank bearings the lot. And rebuild the D16Y8 head which will be going on the rebuilt D15 block.


Now you're probably thinking, why not just get a 1.6 engine? Because then I have to spend out on another engine. Also the engine in the MB3 has less miles (123'000) whilst the Aerodeck done 158'000. I pretty much got everything there. Just need a full rebuild kit and a P28 ECU :)

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