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  1. Dc2 rack

    I did buy that stopleak stuff but i think its gone beyond repair. I might just try i since i have nothing to lose. Its been a good few years its been leaking and now ive got so much play on the steering. Mind you its interesting you say that coz its not p**sing out. Ive got a patch on wherei park the car. Had it checked out and i think its worth just changing the whole rack and everything else like track rod end etc. Ive had the car 10years and im guessing previous owners have never changed the track rods, ball joints etc. Needs a mini overhaul
  2. Dc2 rack

    Cheers for the reply mate. Dont want a heavy steering lol. If its the same i might aswell go for a mb6 one.
  3. Dc2 rack

    Hi there Was wondering has anyone fitted a dc2 rack before. Does it make any differences and is it a straight swap. My one is leaking at the moment so thought might aswell upgrade it.
  4. Can i dibs on the purple one please mate
  5. EBay turbo kit

    To be honest mate if you have the time and patience just wait for bargains to pop up and buy it all seperatley. Ive been doing it very slowly and picked up a few bargains. This will give you more money to spend on the things that need care and attention like the turbo, wastegate etc. Theres a few people on civiclife doing that and have made awesome kits buying it seperatley
  6. lowering MB6

    I would just bite the bullet mate and buy a set of meister r coilovers. I know its expensive but well worth it. Many of the forum members have em so do i.
  7. Sorry about the ignorance guys. Can we nominate our own cars or does it have to be somebody elses
  8. Arch rolling

    I done all four arches. Guy called pablo came and did it
  9. New Heater Problem?

    Just get it off ebay mate. Got mine from there and been working well. Been a few years
  10. Dogg1210 vti-s

    I have a s80 in mine mate. Best mod i done. Mine is a 4.4.
  11. Hes mad loool. Looks like he'll have it ready very soon
  12. Read through your whole build. Awesome car. Shame about the cracked liner
  13. VTi-S MB6 project. Turbo fitted

    Nice quick build mate. Was the fuel tank hard to take off? Also what fuel pump did you use