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  1. Hi guys. We have just purchased the 6 month renewal license for the forum software/platform and installed the latest update and patches. Everything installed successfully so should run as normal. If you do see any errors, please let us know. Civic5 Team
  2. Quite sad to see that ford is stopping making the mondeo soon. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56526468 The article says that it's in response to the massive increase in SUV / crossover demand. Follows the lead of others I suppose - including honda not selling the new model accord over here. I personally don't really get the whole SUV thing, and when I was cleaning the deck last weekend for the first time in a few years after it being away so long, I was struck by how small it seemed. When I first bought it in 2006 it seemed like a big car. That was coming from a Toyota carina (with the biggest boot ever) as my previous car, and the wife's car at the time was a pug 106. I've driven quite a few cross overs / SUVs as hire cars with work in the last few years, and none of them have really clicked. They are okay for motorway miles, but just don't engage me anywhere else. I'm always shocked at how such big cars can have such a small boot - especially when you compare them to the cavernous boot of the outgoing mondeo. Also, the whole SUV thing seems to be at odds with the drive for more environmental motoring - bigger, heavier, less aerodynamic.. Must impact on range / performance of electrification. I guess the only thing is it probably makes it easier to hide a load of batteries under the floor. Just feels like a shame that these type of cars have fallen out of fashion, so people can drive around up in the air, thinking that they're in a wide car, not just a tall car. No offence to anyone who drives an SUV, but personally, they're not for me.
  3. Hi there, me again! I've come to sip from the fountain of knowledge as usual. So as you, I was thinking about ways to make my car better, and since my MB2 has been K-Swapped I was thinking it maybe a good idea to do more improvements to the braking. So I already got EBC discs and yellowstuff pads on the front and braided lines on both the front and rear, but now I'm thinking it maybe a good idea to do a disc conversion for the rear and then get EBC discs and yellowstuff pads for those too. I had a look around the forum about this sort of thing and I looked at the list of interchangeable parts, but from my understanding going from drums to discs requires a full hub conversion. So if anyone is experienced in this field I would like to find out what all of my options are; so from which cars can I swap rear discs into mine from? I am aware that MB's that have discs on both front and rear ususally come in the configuration of 262/260 front/rear or 262/239. I would assume 260mm discs are superior to 239mm, but I am staying away from rear discs from the MB6 and MC2 VTI's because I want to keep a 4x100 wheel pattern (unless it's easy to change). Another thing is that my MB2 does not have ABS, I'm not sure if this plays a part with seeing what options I have. So overall I just want to hear what others have to say; what you guys would recommend, which breaking cars I should keep a look out for, and what would give me the best stopping power without changing other things on my car such as the wheels. Cheers guys :)
  4. Does anyone here have any thoughts on the 2001/2002 Accord? I have seen a few of these for sale in my search for a London emissions compliant MB Civic. There seem to be a few more of these still around as they seem to have been sold for a year or so later than the MB Civics. They can be found with 51 and 02 plates, whereas the very last MB civics sold have Y plates.
  5. Engine is coming back out got loads of new bits to fit that will make this car 1000x better. Come along way from the little 1.4 mb2 I bought for £200 18 months ago. please share the love H22A U2q7 LSD gearbox (ATR) original H22 timing covers. full through custom exhaust (once engine is back in) full poly bush engine and gearbox mount kit for H22 Evo 5 4pot Brembos aluminium 3 core racing rad fresh painted rocker cover (wrinkle red) and gasket recaro trendlines (ATR) aluminum sump and gasket going to be my project over Christmas to get all of these fitted. any info on gearlinkage would be helpful! IMG_8685.MP4
  6. Was one of these, but in diamond white... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174647209615
  7. Just wondering if any of you still play Forza on Xbox1 and what version you play? Know Ali (burbleboy) is on F7 so going to be racing with him soon lol. Anybody else on F7 or F6? Might be time to start the old Civic5 race nights again seeing as we're all stuck indoors just now. They were awesome fun in the past, anyone up for it? Some photos from the last one we did back in 2012!
  8. As the title says, what's the best car you've owned and what was the worst! Include a photo if you have any, if not pinch one from the interweb of same car/model etc. If you're stuck between two that you consider your best, then you can have two! lol My best car: Ruby my Honda Civic MB6 Vti and DD, my Civic Aerodeck My worst......Vauxhall Astra mk2 2 door! Was an absolute pig of a car.....1.3 auto, gearbox packed in after 1 month, car was rotten from front to back (looked lovely, but rust had been hidden underneath the car so inner wings, floor, sills etc were basically just fibreglass and filler!
  9. How we doing all? Something a bit different to the usual chat this lol For the past year, I've been looking at getting both my own laptop and Mrs Chillax's laptop upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ( I know, should have been done ages ago!! And me working in IT too!). Both laptops are getting on a bit now, but thing is, we both like them! They work fine, hers looking mint and mine looking a bit scratched and worn. Priced up similar spec laptops, and we'd be looking at around £700 each! Soooo, checked if our old ones could even run W10 and got differing info, some saying nope, some saying yes. Took the plunge and bought two W10 licenses at £80 each. But then In had a cunning plan! After much research, I worked out that my laptop could take an upgrade from HDD drive to SSD drive. New drive was only £30. Even better, I thought that it might be able to run two internal hard drives, so its old 600gb HDD could be reused for storage. Bought a carrier that replaces the disused CD/DVD drive and has the HDD fitted to it. Started working on both at around teatime yesterday, both running W10, all updates done, by about midnight. That includes fitting the new drive to mine and modifying it to take the 2nd drive. Difference in how both now run is amazing, much faster. but mine, with windows being installed on the SSD drive, is bloody amazingly fast! Boots up and is usable within 1 minute (because its got SSD, fastboot is enabled in BIOS), unlike before where it took around 2 to 3 mins to boot, then you had to wait till it all settled down before using it. Programs load really fast no lag when using loads of things at once, really really impressive. So if you are thinking of a new laptop, or even had thought about an SSD drive, do it! Its cost us £276 all in, that's for 2 windows 10 licenses, a new MS Office family edition, my new ssd drive and the carrier for it. Oh, plus 8 quid for a roll of red carbon look vinyl that I've wrapped mine with so it now looks brand new!! Hella lot cheaper than £1400 quid!
  10. Hi Guys We have just renewed the license for the forum software and installed a massive upgrade/update, Our current civic5 theme isn't compatible with the new version of forum, so we are currently rebuilding it. It may take a bit of time. You will notice some changes and some new buttons on the editor when making a post. There will be other enhancements to come. We apologise for any disruption to your use of the forum and will have everything working smoothly soon. As with any update, if you fins any bugs/glitches please let us know here. Dave
  11. I'm going to be finally doing my double din dash conversion on DD. Just waiting on the cage coming so I can then set about starting things off. Got two spare centre consoles to work with so will try and photograph the progress. Know it can deffo be done as its been done to another MB in the past so hoping this turns out really sweet. Will be fitting a double din android head unit (no cd player as I don't use them anymore, only usb stick and phone. Also, DD has Alexa Auto so can have any tune/radio station playing that I desire so deffo no need for CD's lol What I'm wondering is, if all goes to plan, what would the interest be in buying ready made centre console conversion kits? If mine turns out good enough, was going to look at seeing how much it would cost to have it reproduced with 3D printing. Then figure out a price from there? Let me know your thoughts guys.
  12. dr_broon


    Just browsing - as you do - and noticed this.. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101178067087?atmobcid=soc3 Given that as the advert says it's not in the best nick, and missing most of the interior, is £2.5k OTT, or is this just another sign that vtis are heading up in price?
  13. So, new year, hopefully a better one than the last! What plans have you got for your Civic MA/MB/MC this year? Any mods planned or anyone going down the restoration route? Let us know and throw in some photos too. Think we're all needing inspiration to kick start this new year!
  14. Bar0n


    Hello! im a owner of Honda Civic and i need some help here! i want to know what parts fit in my car! chassi:MA8 engine:D14A2! ps:correct the post if dosent fit here!
  15. Just found this, Scalextric race last year between Boycie & Del boy.......using Dels 3 wheeler and his famous "cap-ree Ghia".
  16. Ok, when parked up, how long does your battery stay charged in your Civic M? Let us know below! Also include whether you have an after market alarm turned on or not too. Know these cars seem to not like being left parked up with the battery connected for long periods of time, but looking to see what the average park up period is on them before the battery goes flat. And is it just a myth that it is the little clock in the dash that drains it? Use template below (copy/paste) Battery lasts: Alarm on?: Any extra info:
  17. Hi guys, We are in the process of setting up a brand new CIVIC5 Facebook Group. This should be a good addition to the forum, as more and more people use social media sites when searching for clubs for their car. We did have one years ago but closed it, but think now is the time for us to take onboard the various social media platforms to promote the club. We'll let you all know when it's ready, and hope to see you all there! Dave and the Team
  18. Have to say, I find this new porsche quite handsome https://www.motor1.com/news/447054/porsche-taycan-cross-turismo-spied-again/
  19. Hi guys, just a quick post to say we've been tidying up the forum a little so you may notice a couple of changes or three. We have removed the traders section as they were basically like a ghost town and there had been issues with one or two of them so have removed them for now. Their actual trader forums are still there, but are hidden from view for the time being. None were offering any discounts to our members or special deals so didn't see the point in them getting free advertising. We've added a new sectio to the Commerce bit (for sale and wanted) which is for any civic M cars or parts you see for sale on other sites that you think our members might be interested in. it could be your own parts or car listing on ebay or one you've found. We've also added a few forum category images that were missing so it looks a bit better. we've moved a lot of the info that was down the bottom of the forum to the side bar now, leaving the bottom of the forum free for our new latest topics feed so you can see at an instant any new topics that have been started. For the Civic5 Team, I've removed some of our sub forums from the team room as they were basically just there for legacy. The Team Room itself has been moved into the latest news section as it made more sense for it to be there rather than taking up space in its own section. Just wee changes but hopefully they'll make a difference to using the forum. I'm looking into the possibility of the home page being more like a blog page, kinda more like FB layout. Not sure how that will look, if its pants it won't be implimented! Would like to hear any suggestions members have on ways they think would make civic5 better, so just post in here and let us hear what you think. Dave
  20. Hi guys After viewing the number of entries and interest the competition has been getting the past 2 months (down to 1 car entered in the last one) we are unfortunately suspending the COTM competition of Civic5 until further notice. Maybe if things pick up again in the forum it will be back but until then we don't have enough interest in it. Thank you to all members who took part in the competitions we did have, from entering a car (even your own) to posting in the comp and voting. You are what keeps this site and club going. And congrats to all members whose civics won! Some of the very best civic M's in the world. Keep working on those cars guys and keeping them looking stunning, and please keep sharing your pride and joy (or even just daily runner) with us. Dave
  21. Right, as we've spent the past few weeks moving house and settling in, I've not had time to get May's comp up and running! So, here it is....Civic5 COTM May 2020. Going to run this for only a few days then go to voting so we can catch up again. Get Voting folks, poll closes Sunday at 10pm! UPDATE: And our winner is Chief and their stunning aerodeck.
  22. Time for this months competition. Enter the civic you want to see win COTM. It can be any members civic or even your own, all are welcome! Remember to add a photo of the car, and a link to its topic/project thread in members cars. Lets see them folks!!
  23. Was just reading this on top gear. Think that this sort of product is going to be more common. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/what-would-you-do-107bhp-crate-electric-motor I bet ecu modification suddenly becomes more complicated though... Especially if you want a motor for each rear wheel
  24. So, looking to get new tyres for DD. What width of tyres are folks running on your lowered/standard height Civic M's? Know the widest standard size (for VTi/VTiS) is 195, but just wondering if we can go wider without any issues? Thinking 205's should be ok on DD's 16" wheels as plenty of room in arches with her being back on standard suspension.
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