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Yes, had a look at some of those. There are a couple where the single din radio is at the bottom, so that would possibly fit. Just not sure I'dwant a big screen on show when she's left anywhere unattended though. Also not sure how it would look being permanent in from of the hazard/heated rear window buttons? It might be an option though as tghe android ones I've seen so far are all badge engineered ones from China....some get good reviews, some get apalling reviews but all look identical lol. Any big name ones with a motorized screen are mega bucks and don't have the android OS which is annoying.

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12 hours ago, dr_broon said:

Could you not use your new console with one of the ones with a single din back? Then it would be almost as you planned? 

No a bad shout that actually! I'd still need to move the heater controls down again which means sorting out the cables so they aren't too stretched, plus it would mean my latest mod (see next post that future Dave is in the middle of typing lol) would need to be removed. So think I'm pretty much decided on the motorized screen single din unit now.

That idea you had might be good for whoever buys the double din console though mate, gives them lots of options.8-)

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Now that past Dave has stopped waffling in the above post (past Dave: Oi! I heard that! seeya.gif1), here's what I've been doing! Finally did the mod I've been wanting to do for ages (since I had Ruby infact)....fit the one thing our Civic M's really lack...cupholders! Bought a oem jdm Integra DC2 cup holder years ago to fit to Ruby but never got round to it. So it's now fitted to DD. Had to do a bit of modding to get it to fit, but it's in and looks factory fitted! So much better than the only other ones that were available that went in the centre console armrest, and these ones you can actually use!








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On 7/13/2021 at 6:53 AM, KiNK43 said:

That's perfect!. Was a complete step backwards on th m. Even eg had pop up cup holders. 


I know, mental aint it! I mean even storage wise, the M's are sadly lacking, but to not even have a solitary cup holder was madness!

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