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  1. Nice. That red looks really fresh! Some cool plans for her as well
  2. Fair bit of graft gone into this lately Dave. Looking good though with the finished product.
  3. Fuse 23 for the under dash fuse box according to the manual
  4. Cheers man.. Still need to get the ride height sorted though with some better shocks.
  5. Yeah, was looking at the fault finding in the workshop manual yesterday and ordered a spare solenoid off ebay just in case. Out of interest, I searched for the honda part number, and a couple of vacuum control valves came up for an old accord, which have the same denso details printed on and look identical... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Accord-Vacuum-Valve-1-8cc-2-0cc-Petrol-98-02-Mk6-/144113046264?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Other option is there's no signal from the ecu - so either damaged cable or goosed p9k.
  6. Finally got round to trying this today as had a day off, and a bit of spare time when the clan were getting ready. Checked it before starting the engine, and the arm was down, so iabs open. Started the engine, arm up, iabs closed. Turned the engine off, but the arm stayed up... Popped the hose off, vacuum released and the arm dropped. How soon after the engine being off should the vacuum drop? Went for a spin, and felt mint at high revs again for the first time in ages, so seems to be the culprit. What would be causing the vacuum to hold? Would the pcv valve have anything to do with it?
  7. Yeah, they're planning on something similar in the toon as well. All the more reason to keep cycling in to work.
  8. Bloody hell! What a mare. Hopefully once that's sorted there'll be nothing else hiding. Everything I hear about minis and parts seems like they're a minefield. New exhaust looks decent though mate - always nice to get a little upgrade disguised as a repair
  9. Wash day Used a 'clay bar' glove after washing it, not as good as using proper clay, but quite pleased with the job it's done... Used it years ago and decided to give it another try. Paintwork feels quite smooth now. I could do with getting some polish - the only I've got is an old t cut colour magic one, but I'm in the market for something better - what are folk using for theirs? Got quite a bit of swirls that could do with getting shot of, but I know it's had a few mops over the years so not sure how many more it could take.
  10. Have a spy on here mate - this should have the part numbers on https://www.parts-honda.uk/
  11. Just standard P9 ecu at the mo. Yeah, good shout on disconnecting them to check - that should let me know.
  12. So I think I've convinced myself that the IABs aren't working. It pulls nice and strong at first, but runs out of puff once you get to about 6.5k and makes you want to change by 7k. I seem to remember that before tubs was condemned, there was some issues with the vac system having corroded pipes.. Can't remember exactly though. Am I right in thinking that if there's no vacuum i would have the opposite problem though?
  13. They're pretty cool would be good to have something like that for knocking round the doors.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure that's what the badge was - tbh I've never seen / heard of them before. Decent amount of space inside as well.
  15. Was the turn of the accord to go for a service, and this funky thing was at the garage when we dropped it off.
  16. Well, winter seemed to go, so got her in for an mot, then the blummin snow and worse still road salt came back. Still, got through the mot just needing a new steering rack boot as the old one had split. Even passed the emissions test (just..) before a service and the O2 sensor swap. Loved having a blast today after picking it up yesterday, and giving it a good wash and wax today. Love how pointy the front end is, the back just seems to hop into line behind when you turn in. Deffo some better shocks are on the list for this year though... I think that the oem spec ones are already too compressed with the eibach springs, and there's not enough damping left for anything more than a painted line
  17. Nice - she's looking fine as always. Lovely day for a show
  18. Wow... Been a long time since I posted anything in this thread To celebrate the nice weather, the old girl has had her first wash of the year. Hopefully will be getting out in the road soon, the mot has lapsed while she's been hiding from salt.
  19. Be interesting to see what comes of this. I'm sure that @YRegMB will be interested as well.
  20. Lots of updates there mate - some nice touches as well. Looks spot on in the engine bay now, and those seats look like they will be a big upgrade
  21. I've had them so long now I'd never forgive myself if I didn't fit them. I've even got the type r springs still brand new in the box from the states from 2 years ago.
  22. Yeah, I didn't even know it was there until it popped up as somewhere to get tyres fitted on black circles or something. I think I'll be getting my cams done there (if I ever get it sorted...)
  23. Nice one Jeroen. Try and get your pals on here - been a while since we had any use of the meets section https://civic5.com/forum/forum/11-civic5-meetsevents/ Be good to see a load of new Ms
  24. Nice. Love a good wheel alignment setup. Weird coincidence, I get mine done at a local mx5 place with a race team as well. https://m.facebook.com/akautomotive01
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