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  1. Is that the phone Dock next to the power socket? Top plan Good transformation of the engine bay as well.
  2. Although I quite like the black wheels, think you're going down the right route with the silver and for the grill as well... Mockup looks top! Plenty to keep you busy over winter there mate
  3. Hi mate, welcome along (I was a long time lurker before posting as well). Sounds like you've got a good base there - nice one for getting stuck in to keep it sound - handy to have the donor there as well.
  4. There was someone on here years and years ago who was going to be doing fiberglass kits, but they disappeared off the forum. There was loads of interest back then as well.
  5. I'd like to get my hands on a decent set of mgzs dampers.. Unlikely now though I bet. Rimmerbros just do coilovers now.
  6. Yeah, very odd to not fit one when it's all there waiting - like you say, the holes in the chassis will need to be tapped though to clean them out. The only thing I can think is maybe they were concerned about oversteer of the back was loaded up coz of the long back end.
  7. Good find, even though it's been butchered! Nice one on the restoration.
  8. Hello mate, if it's worn I'd say that it's unlikely to be repairable, and would need to be replaced. You'd be looking at an auto locksmith though if it could be repaired - give it a search on Google maps to see who's nearby.
  9. Love the look of the pleather. Makes a real difference to the look of the interior. Glad you seem to have sorted the leak
  10. To be honest, the abs on these isn't the best anyway
  11. Good stuff! All those brake bits should make for nice stops
  12. Mind died when it was off - hopped in one morning and no sign of starting. At least I was at home already.
  13. Yeah, just worth checking all along that seam. Hope you've caught it though.
  14. Sub and amp look sweet. If the puddle comes back, check the roof seam under the roof rails - that's where mine was coming in. The deck boots seem to be a bloody puddle magnet
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