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  1. Nice one - always a good feeling to get a clean bill of health. Should be a good run out tomorrow then.. Chance to give that new exhaust a test eh.
  2. She's going to be even more of a beast with all that attention mate - very nice.
  3. Yeah, it's just not dumping the vacuum at high revs to open the IABs - need to follow the fault finding above to see if it's no signal, faulty wire, or faulty solenoid.
  4. No, not yet mate - hoping to get it looked at this weekend. Picked up a spare vacuum control valve off ebay in case mine is goosed. My problem is that I've got too much vacuum at the wrong time
  5. Nice one - glad you got it sorted mate
  6. What a chew on! Glad it's sorted though. Handy that you can swap the wheels with DD though
  7. Yeah, there's a visual trick though that when you go up to a bigger rim, the smaller tyre makes the gap seem bigger... Leading to lowering urges
  8. Still looks smart on those wheels though Dave... The bigger tyres always look l one they fill the arch better don't they.
  9. Yes, the whole door card has to come off as the speaker cover is part of that. Can't remember for sure, but I think that they can be separated once the door card is off if that's what you want to do, but if it's just too change the speaker it's just the door card that needs to come off. I'm sure there's a how to on here somewhere, but there's a screw to loosen the handle/latch, which then has to slide forwards (or back... Not 100% which but it's obvious when you try to do it). Then there's a little plastic clip that keeps a metal rod in the handle.. Careful not to snap the clip. Then there's two other screws in the grab handle on the door card. Once they're out you'll need to pop out some trim clips around the edge of the card, then Bob's your uncle.
  10. Interesting if this became a mainstream thing... Carbon neutral fuel with a power boost for a minimal cost. (assumes using hydrogen produced using renewable energy though). https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/technology/under-skin-carbon-neutral-fuel-also-cleans-air
  11. Yeah, sorry bud.. Just knowing my luck it'd vibrate off and get eaten by something.
  12. Tell you what though, after being for a spin again today with the IABs disabled, I can definitely say that honda has then set to open at the right place... You can feel the power come on at the place in the rev range where they're set to open... No need to mess about changing that on a map. Funny that...
  13. The next step in the fault finding is to get a multimeter on the plug above 6k rpm to check there's a signal, but I don't fancy doing that at home... The neighbours will think I'm a right bell end
  14. Hello mate Your car looks nice and clean - doing well for her age Some nice touches to freshen her up as well. Will look ace on the new wheels.
  15. I'm going to take her up to my mechanic mate to see if we can suss out what's up. I've got a nagging feeling that something didn't go back right on the vac system when it all went back together somewhere between Tubs' final fail and the transplant into The HUD. So is the check valve there to make the vacuum, from the air being drawn through the intake mani?
  16. No worries matey. All of the above were taken from the workshop manual in the downloads section of the forum
  17. Locked coz of spam
  18. I'm having this problem at the minute as well, have ordered a spare pressure control solenoid in case it's that. There's a few diagrams in the honda manual on the system. There's also a trouble shooting guide on the next few pages. Hope you get it sorted
  19. That's what I was thinking but couldn't remember for sure
  20. They look top chief.. Nice find. Are they the original Honda big fogs, or the merc ones that someone posted about once? (Guessing honda cos of the trims)
  21. Unfortunately, koni don't make any dampers for the m any more I've got oem shocks with eibach springs and it's not a good match tbh. I'm hoping to get some adjustable ones from GAZ when I finally get around to measuring the internal diameter of the spring.
  22. There was a video doing the rounds a while back of an electric excavator (I think) being charged on a site... But the site was powered by a diesel generator
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